Thursday, September 30, 2004

on my break in perspective class and sitting in the OTHER perspective class right across the hall. the teacher in this one is very funny, whereas MY teacher is somewhat bizarre but still very nice. i am eating a sandwich that has more mustard than like, all of the mustard in the universe, or something. it really burns and takes away from the whole ham sandwich experience. disappointing news on such a gloomy day.

i have a new idea for a comic and group of characters that i'd really like to make. for reasons unknown to me, it's fleshing together pretty quickly, but i'm still in that stage where i haven't breathed a word about it to anyone because i'm not sure if it's actually a good idea or not. it seems like it would be funny to me. i just want to produce something comic-related already. maybe this year will be the year i get my a.d.d. under control and finally make a comic. then again, probably not.

later on i get to carve things into a block of plaster. not looking forward to this. my 3-d class is probably the biggest pain in the ass out of all my academic adventures thus far. munnnngggggggggg. i don't wanna build a chess set.

god, who puts this much mustard on a sandwich!??

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

ErinZ (12:23:03 AM): ever want to be british so badly that it hurts you on the inside that you're not?
Brando (12:24:18 AM): Can't say I have.
Brando (12:24:20 AM): Australian, yes.
Brando (12:24:43 AM): But that was a long time ago. A long... long time. [looks to the stars]
ErinZ (12:24:46 AM): see, i would never wish to be australian. but i wish to god and beyond that i was british.
Brando (12:25:08 AM): You're big on Shaun of the Dead, I take it.
ErinZ (12:25:22 AM): it only fueled the fire.
ErinZ (12:25:27 AM): the glorious, british fire.
ErinZ (12:25:31 AM): in my heart.
Brando (12:25:31 AM): (laughs)
Brando (12:25:47 AM): They have medication for that.
ErinZ (12:25:58 AM): will they give me an accent?
Brando (12:26:06 AM): ...sure, why not.
ErinZ (12:26:13 AM): sign me up.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

can't seem to shake off the buzz given to me by a martini-in-a-bottle that i found lying in my fridge two hours ago.

laguna beach: the real orange county was beyond horrifying. i don't know many of the people who star in the show personally, but i really don't give a shit about how many people they hooked up with or how they're building a house that spans half of a cliffside. god damnit. who lives like that?? honestly.



Monday, September 27, 2004

i just saw a commercial for a kids' tabletop game in which knights, army soldiers, vikings, matrix-esque spies, aliens, robots, and dragons were all battling. it sort of reminds me of this:

'nuff said.
forgot to mention my newly inspired dream to move to london and be downright giddy in the middle of all that is british. i want to acquire an involuntary accent while i live there for several years, then return back to america and have everybody think i am totally from the uk. god damn i love british people so much.

washing down my makeshift peanut butter cup with chocolate milk probably wasn't a good idea...
so tired and hungry and sick of homework that i took out two spoons, put peanut butter on one and nutella on the other, then sat and stared off vacantly while taking turns licking each spoon. my entire diet for the past three days has consisted of slurpees, donuts, subway sandwiches, and three broccoli cheese hot pockets.

trying to download the shaun of the dead soundtrack.

saw sky captain again for the THIRD TIME last night, and as much as i love the film i think that's enough. also lost my bank card and got very angry. this was not my most glorious weekend.

jesus god i am so tired.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

shaun of the dead is highly recommended to anyone who likes zombies, really well-done zombies, british people, gore, vicious hilarity, fun, the band "queen", and an all-around really REALLY fucking fantastic movie.

erin is pleased.

Friday, September 24, 2004

i half take back the statement i made about people being weird. but only half.

off to see shaun of the dead.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

when i listen to the sky captain soundtrack, i like to pretend i'm brave and doing something grossly important (ie, saving the world, kicking robot ass, jumping up and down on my bed) instead of procrastinating writing an essay i should have finished three hours ago.

joe, i'm in one of these boxes, find me!
just saw sky captain for the second time and it's official... i love it.

also watched fight club last night for the first time. hot diggity damn, that is some really quality cinema.

ever ponder the enigma of human behavior? i wish to god i had something that would let me see what other people are thinking because, well, people are weird.

speaking of weird, fight club gave me some weird dreams, but all i can remember off the top of my head was being the mother of some fat mafia guy wearing an ugly white suit. he was in my old room back in new jersey and there was another guy with him. i walked in, and with some sort of weapon (i can't remember the exact type), i literally sliced the man's head in half right above the jaw, so the whole bottom portion of his skull and the bottom of his mouth was visible. then, my chubby mafia offspring started crying, and i hugged him and told him everything would be alright. the only thing i can connect this to in the movie is when the main character goes to the support groups and hugs bob paulson while he sobs all over the place. i really wish i could remember more of that dream.

allergies are horrendous due to dry weather but i'm having the best hair days of my life.

chocolate milk, anyone?

Tuesday, September 21, 2004 Define Your World

go to this site and type "erin fusco" into the search. see what you get.

Monday, September 20, 2004

is anyone else creeped out by that juicyfruit strappleberry commercial where the piƱata attacks the little girl? i swear, if that happened to me i'd crap myself.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

there will be more of these, i can feel it.
forgot to mention that before sky captain, there was a man outside the theater with applications for the REGAL CROWN CLUB CARD, which is thing free card you can get and every time you see a movie, you get points and then free stuff. anyway.

next to the card applications was this fat stack of sky captain posters, and they were real nice. now, i approached the man behind the table and asked if i could have one even though i already have a card. he frowned and said that they were for new applications only. i asked again, and this time, i pointed to the pair of WWII british pilot goggles on my head (the SAME ONES sky captain wears in the movie). "i am here for this movie!! can i please have one?" the man took out a rubber band and rolled a poster up for me.

who ever said being a nerd was a bad thing?
sky captain




or at least i definitely thought so. i love how the whole thing looks like a dream/thirties film, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the shots that are so blatantly retro. (ie, the fingers pointing to the sky, the radio wave circles emitting from the robot antennae, the actual map on the land and water as they show the plane flying over the ocean) sweet merciful moses. i was beautiful. beautiful and full of good robot ass-kickery, but by no means in a resident evil: apocalypse sort of way*. my god the robots were cool. i have to see the movie again before i finalize my opinion on the plot and overall content of the film. though while I was seeing it for this first time, i had this amazing sensation as if i was in a movie theater decades in the past, watching the movie as though i were in the era it took place in and when i walked outside, everybody would be dressed in late thirties-garb, bustling about and driving those keen cars they had back in the day. no movie has ever made me feel that way (obviously, because no movie has ever been made quite like sky captain has) so that sensation alone made the movie incredible. plus i could never resist jude law's ever-so-sexy britishosity.

last night's venture brothers was equally pleasing with a special guest: RACE BANNON. i like so much that the show is intelligent enough and the writers aren't afraid to put in an exact character from a show they're obviously parodying and not only make it work, but make it tie the venture bros. into an interesting time scheme with other cartoons. nifty, i say!!

0oohh work. the story of my life. work and then midterm projects and cutting shapes of a mallet out with scissors and pasting them onto various rectangles. art school continues to amaze.

sadly, atomic betty is really awful. cute animation i guess, but it's still so hard to get over the "bounciness" look of cartoons animated with flash and the like (since i heard betty wasn't even animation with flash). the spaceships look cool, but just about every aspect of the episode i saw was boring and had been done before. disappointing, yes, but okay. there are and will be other great things.

i want my videonow. wait, no i don't.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

i'm just your average girl. i wake up, curse the sunlight, wish i could go back to sleep, make some waffles, stumble to art school and try not to fall asleep during my 2-d design class even though i do in fact find the projects very fun and fascinating, yell at paper when i can't cut it straight even though i'm using a ruled mat, t-square, and an x-acto knife, scream if a public toilet flushes too loud, go to work, hole punch the eyeballs of the models in fashion handouts we give to the customers, dance around the store, eat some sushi, get home from work, watch cartoons, take a nap, stare at my venture brothers watch, watch some venture brothers reruns while staring at my venture brothers watch, eat as much food as i can find in my house, talk to my friends on the phone, draw up a storm, read webcomics, read the archives of webcomics that i've read a thousand times before, go to parties, have a beer and talk, eventually get hoarse from talking so much about animation and other dorktacular subjects, scream if i see any balloons or spiders, come home, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth with my red hotwheels kids' toothbrush, put in my invader zim-themed retainers, jump into bed, watch some more adult swim and/or venture brothers, set my alarm on my clock that's set forty minutes fast in order to give myself the illusion that i have more time to sleep, turn off the lights, close my eyes, dream about exboyfriends with shaved heads substituting my sophomore geometry class in high school.

just your average girl.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Shay*** (11:33:36 PM): erin, i'm coming up. i gotta go to bed. i'll come in your room first
ErinZ (11:33:41 PM): NO!!
ErinZ (11:33:43 PM): i have no shirt on
Shay*** (11:33:48 PM): LOL
Shay*** (11:33:55 PM): okay, i'll take mine off, too
Shay*** (11:34:04 PM): we can be bosom buddies

... mom??

Shay*** (11:35:39 PM): you have one bodacious set of ta-tas

apparently, over sixteen THOUSAND people have visited my website so far in the first fourteen days of september.


who the hell are you people? where are you? what are you doing, and, wow, do you really like my site?

where are all these people coming from??

thank you, whoever you all are!!
sitting around, procrastinating homework and buying AQUA songs obsessively off of the itunes music store, in some sort of desperate attempt to relive 1997. does the song "cartoon heroes" make any friggin' sense? "what we do is what you wish to do" "welcome to the toon town party" "a bunch of dust that's chasing us, frame by frame, to the extreme, one by one we're making it fun"? what the shit?? i don't know. i still love this band even though my brother says we'll be playing it at his friend's gay wedding someday.

as the years go by, i am frightened by how much my attention span has dimished, how i become more and more easily amused, and the boughts of noun diarrhea spewing from my mouth*. i don't know whether it was just because i was tired or what, but yesterday i laughed so hard that i cried on three separate occasions, the most intense case of which occured after watching people make bird calls on letterman. however, at school today i noticed that i was having fits of laughter if someone yelled out a person's name in a very slighty different than normal way. maybe i'm just enjoying life a little more than the other people around me. i have observed that many of the other freshmen at my school are quiet, and rarely ever smile. in fact, i'm watching this one particular girl very closely, waiting for her to smile because i'm absolutely convinced she hasn't before in her entire life. this is all a very dramatic difference from the upperclassmen, who are extremely relaxed in their environment. i want to make friends with them.

*i wrote steve a letter and put it in his school mailbox yesterday. the entire bottom half of the letter was a continuous stream of obscure words, one of which i believe went something like "harpy carp lark ding-dongs".

Monday, September 13, 2004

so many projects. ants EVERYWHERE. sweet jeezus. was up until four thirty last night drawing THIS.


Saturday, September 11, 2004

the soundtrack of my life:

opening credits :: Gorillaz - "Re-Hash"

waking up scene :: Wham! - "Ray of Sunshine"

average day :: Blur - "Coffee and TV"

best-friend scene :: Tenacious D - "Frienship"

out with friends scene. :: Queen - "Don't Stop Me Now"

makeout scene :: David Hasselhoff - "Du"

sex scene :: Jack Black - "Let's Get It On"

fight with friend scene :: Third Eye Blind - "How's It Going to Be"

break-up scene :: Maroon 5 - "Through With You"

get back together scene :: Maroon 5 - "She Will Be Loved"

'lifes okay' scene :: Modest Mouse - "Float On"

high school scene :: Garbage - "Only Happy When it Rains"

heartbreak scene :: Coldplay - "Shiver"

mental breakdown scene :: The Avalances - "Frontier Psychiatry"

driving alone scene :: Puffy AmiYumi - "Long Beach Nightmare"

lesson-learning scene :: Barenaked Ladies - "Testing 1, 2, 3"

deep-thought scene :: Barenaked Ladies - "Brian Wilson"

revenge scene :: Mindless Self Indulgence - "Bitches"

chase sequence :: The Mars Volta - "Intertiatic ESP"

'dance off in a club' scene :: Jamiroquai - "Canned Heat"

kareokee scene :: Tina Turner - "Baby, I'm A Star"

happy 'dance around your room' scene :: Kartina & The Waves - "Walking on Sunshine"

summer vacation scene :: Vitamin C - "Vacation"

regret scene :: Coldplay - "The Scientist"

long night alone scene :: Sarah McLachlan - "Building a Mystery"

death scene :: Styx - "Come Sail Away"

closing credits :: Irene Cara - "What a Feeling"
resident evil: apocalypse = biggest piece of stereotypical large explosion ass kicking ridiculous over the top action movie crap you'll ever see.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004 - Onair - Dyn - Laguna Beach

you wanna talk about weird? check that link out.

my hometown has become the target of the latest mtv reality show. words can't describe how odd it is to click through that website, seeing the faces of people i sat right next to in economics class, hung out at a party with, or say hello to as they work literally right across the street from me. they're jazzing up all the places i see and go to on a daily basis. granted, everyone and their dead grandmothers knew the show was being made here, but... damn. it's just so odd now that it's finally going to air on the television.

supposedly i'm floating around in the background in some shots. one night i went to an open mic night at a local coffee shop and there were cameras everywhere. several months later mtv sends waivers to my house to sign. watch every episode if you want to see the definition of SEXY.

or not.

sadly, i'm probably going to end up watching every episode anyway.

it's hotter than hell in my house.

art school is fantastic. it's not even school. it's like "get up, go to a studio at one, draw for four hours, go home for the day". hot damn. if this is a dream i never want to wake up.

can't stop eating banana bread!!