Saturday, January 17, 2004

the first weekend i can drive a car and it's the most uneventful weekend of my entire life.

instead of going out with my friends and doing everything i've always longed for once i could legally get behind the wheel, i find myself driving aimlessly, listening to coldplay very loud while nobody answers their phones and i become very tired, while all of this eventually leads up to me eating my weight in tofu. what i want to know is where the hell everybody went so suddenly.

saw teacher's pet. cute and fun in a spooky sort of way. there are a lot of visual gags in it, most of which involve trees vomiting maple syrup. interesting? definitely. also lots of classic disney movie spoofs. the bird voiced by jerry stiller is the best character. and also... "honey bunny boombox" is the greatest thing to call anyone ever. i hope someday i can call someone i love that and they'll still respect me.

i think i'll pop in zoolander and wait for anyone to call me more than likely after my curfew. wah.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

WOW it's been awhile since i've written. so much more crap has been happening and life continues to be an insane whirlwind of events.

recent events, however, have been surprisingly good.

number one: i got my driver's license.

number two:

anyway. new years... going back to school... yeah. it's all what it has been but hectic with a tint of pleasant. driving sure is nice. boy howdy is it nice!!!

i will be very happy when finals are done and scholarships are filled and sent and college interview and portfolio and slide taking and the demolition of the earth is done.

speaking of demolition of the earth, i've picked up hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy again and i forgot how utterly awesome it is. i've been drawing my own renditions of the characters like mad. maybe i will post some soon.