Friday, June 25, 2004

NYChronicles : Day 1
11:20 pm EST

once upon a time, erin was going on a trip to new york city. her flight was very early in the morning, and she was excited. she decided that she would stay up all night instead of go to sleep. she sort of accomplished this task, and got very little sleep that night. then, she went to the airport and got on a plane. the plane flew to a place called dallas, texas. however, in dallas, it was raining and the plane was delayed two hours. but all was well once the plane set out for the la guardia airport... or so erin thought. the plane got lost in a big cloud and circled around and around, trying to find the airport. there was a very hairy irish man sitting next to her. finally, the plane decided to land in a place called "stewart/newborough", which was a large flat of concrete in the middle of nowhere. erin was hungry and upset. everyone on the plane was confused. but then finally, the plane set out again and successfully reached new york city. fourteen hours later.

that was the most boring story ever but it is all true. now i am in new york, and it is amazing. i have never been here before so everything is strange and wonderful to me. i am staying with family friends and they have been so glorious for the two hours i have been here thus far.

everything that glows puts me in a trance. and since everything here DOES glow, i am thrilled and dazed.

there is a dazzling planetarium right across the street.

so much to do! i want to see the giant toys r us. i want to go to museums. i want to see a broadway show. i want to stroll through central park. i want to stalk conan o'brien.

perhaps i can acheive all this and more. perhaps...

and on a side note, apologies to anyone who has written me emails in the past few weeks. i have been whoppingly busy and had not had the time to respond. sorry sorry.

so tired now, but i'm sure tomorrow is going to be loads of fun...

Thursday, June 17, 2004

chronicles of riddick not that good, especially given the way adam has reacted to it (by buying the soundtrack, animated dvd, pitch black, video game, and very soon, poster). very pretty for the first forty minutes and then it becomes thoroughly boring due to the horrendous lack of plot/dialogue/general giving-a-shitness about any of the characters. judy dench floats around, aptly playing the character i like to call "the enigma" since you never find out who she is and what the fuck she's doing. actually, you never find out who anyone is or what the fuck anyone is doing in the movie.

i graduate from high school in about eighteen hours. then they put me on a bus and don't tell me where i'm going and dump me someplace until five in the morning.

i have a new cream i need to put on my face that is literally making all of my skin flake off everywhere. it's like having cheek dandruff. it's really not that attractive

knotts berry farm is very dirty.

i sleep now.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

two months later!!

scholarships have been won! school over in three days! new job acquired! food eaten! drinks drunk! prom madness! new boyfriend!!

all of this and more. too much to even begin to write about. erin has been busy busy busy.

i have seen many great things, but among the best was earlier today when a woman in a white robe and turban was doing shoulder shrugs and waving her arms in the air on a residential street corner by my house.

also had a very hefty drink at medieval times last night. got tipsy and stole a salt shaker. hopefully they will never read this

sweet sweet dinonuggets!

i graduate in a week!