Thursday, August 04, 2011

Been A Long Time

Hi everyone!

I have to admit I've toyed with the idea of picking up this blog again, but for now since I am busy as the dickens, here is a link to my portfolio:


Saturday, August 09, 2008



Everyone listen up because I am now a full-time employed artist. RAD. I work for, an awesome company that's super awesome!

So now that I'm arting it up all the time I have hit this insane production streak. I've been drawing like nonstop. THAT MEANS there might be a little ol' webcomic on the way, and even though this is the third time I've redrawn the same first five pages dammit, I'm really serious about it now. Here's a drawing of me and Adam ready to kick some ass with our Magic Forest gear.

Comic Con was fantastic as always and I got my picture taken with Patton Oswalt and he could not look more pissed off. I'll post it later. Also we saw a special screening of CHOKE which was also completely great and did the book insane justice.

More later because right now I am so cleaning stuff up because it's the weekend and I have the time to and you have no idea how long it's been since the word "weekend" meant what it means to most normal people.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Recent Stuffs

Just so everyone knows I've taken a part-time job as a caricature artist and it's one of the smartest and most rewarding things I've ever done, and I've only been doing it for two weeks. Not only that but I get to work in a shopping center called the Garden Walk and it's right next to Disneyland and I don't think I need to say much beyond that, except for the fact that sometimes the company I'm employed with lets me do facepainting IN Disneyland. This is also radical. So now I'm technically a lower-tier Disney cast member and sometimes I get to wear a costume and walk through parade floats on my way to work. Yesterday I saw Peter Pan in the cafeteria and he was playing a pink DS. This may be the greatest time of my life.

So I really appreciate the fact that Adam has taken the initiative to ride a bike to and from work (a ten mile trek) but it seriously takes him like three years to get home every night. It's so quiet here! I'm drinking by myself and I am bloated with PF Chang's because they are the only restaurant in Garden Walk that will validate my parking! Plus they pour a big glass of scotch.



Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wall E

This movie is utterly amazing. Fuck it, I say it every year, but this is Pixar's best. Seriously. They can't possibly top what they just did and it's fine because their best is pretty much the closest thing I have to prove there is a God.


No, really, it's brilliant. I can't describe it very well but I just read this review which I think sums up how I feel:

This movie is poignant yet subtle, terrifying but beautiful, and one of the most heartfelt and romantic films I've ever seen. Sure, okay, but let's remember, NONE OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS HAVE FACES. PIXAR YOU MAKE MY LIFE WONDERFUL.

Speaking of wonderful god damn it is a good time to be a nerd right now. HOW GOOD IS VENTURE BROS, FOR SERIOUS.


I am really excited too about the movie "Choke" based off Chuck Palahniuk's book, which I just read. I think I get why Adam is so goofy for this guy, his writing is great. The movie looks great. Read the damn book!

And sweet jesus the new Coldplay. You know, I'll admit that I didn't like X&Y. The point is I listened to their first album, went, "Hey, I want more of this" and I got more with their second album. But with their third... I was really disappointed. I thought, "Welp, this is it. They did their thing but it's the same old shit and it's old and I'm over it. They had a good run my god these songs are boring". I blame Gwenyth Paltrow.

But then Coldplay just up and made like, a really fantastic album. They actually decided to have some goddamned fun with their work and the result is stupendous. So yay for that, Viva La Vida, I love every single song on this record. It is lovely and creepy and awesome. And the best part is...


Sorry two people out there who are reading this but I just got off the phone with Brandon and we pretty much had the nerdiest animation geek discussion where I think we literally voiced out opinions on everything that's been happening in animation in the past ten years and the next five years so I'm a little hyped up WHOA breathe.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Oh wow oh wow it's our one year anniversary and Adam totally got me a Flight of the Conchords framed poster and Okami for the Wii and THIS AMAZING SUPER THIN NEW KEYBOARD OHHH WOW I AM TYPING ON IT NOW.

Just thought I'd let you know, internet. Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to really celebrate.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Economic Stimulus

Ooh, that sounds sexy, doesn't it? Well it is! Opening up my bank account and seeing an extra six hundred dollars is very sexy!

You know what else is sexy? This fucking rad jacket I bought with my free government money. Oh my god it looks like something I would draw on my characters and also now I look like my character in Rock Band.

And the best part about it is, I had to feel good about buying this stupidly expensive jacket because I AM DOING MY PART TO SAVE THE AMERICAN ECONOMY.

So I never thought I'd say this, but thanks for the sweet jacket, George Bush!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008




Monday, April 14, 2008

Dreams Do Come True

They do, because Freakazoid is getting a DVD release and that's all the proof you need.

It'd be really great if my car could stop being such a dick for five minutes so I could afford things. Lewis Black is performing in Long Beach and Flight of the Conchords tickets are way too much money. Brake/rotor and a radiator replacement in one month? Really, Mini? Come on, baby, why you always gotta make me hit you?

I am up to my ears in work so time to focus on personal art is rare (plus I got a Wii) but here's the final ink of that warrior elf chick. I stumbled upon my old rapidographs not too long ago and to my surprise most of them weren't clogged, so I wanted to see if I could still work the inking magic I worked so well back in my high school days.

A little rusty but not too bad! I forgot what a bitch these pens were and why I probably stopped using them (I found a Micron when I was out and about and snatched it up with wide eyes) Sorry, art nerd talk. I'll be quiet now.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Having a boyfriend who is also a chef rules. I just made the best eggs ever thanks to his tutelage.

Okay, no joke a few days ago a guy with a big skeevy goatee and long hair was driving a fancy Cadillac or somesuch down the 405 and his license plate was, and I shit you not, "<3 2 Yiff".

I was driving down the freeway next to a big creepy totally out of the closet and proud of it furry. Ohhhh man.

WIP: Metal Bikini Warrior

Like bad ass hot elf chicks in metal bikinis? Of course you do! So here's this:

I'm making her myself.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Um. What?

What the hell are these "Pro-Anorexia" sites all about? Seriously, look it up on google. There are people posting to each other about how fat they are and how they're not going to eat and how excited they are about not eating. Jesus christ, my gender has hit a whole new level of psycho. If anyone ever meets a girl who thinks it's totally okay to have a few waffles and egg whites and then throw up and have nothing but water the next day so they can lose twenty pounds, RUN. These chicks are broken.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Annies (Warning: NERD ALERT)

Sit down kids, it's storytime.

So a few months back, out of nowhere, I get a call from ASIFA asking me to be a nomination judge for voice acting for the 35th Annual Annie Awards (The Oscar of Animation). Uh, shit yes says I, and I scoot off to Burbank to sit in a room with a bunch of people who have been working in animation for twenty plus years and holy crap that guy won an emmy for an episode of Pinky and the Brain he wrote. (Nerdy, yes, please stay with me) So after an entire day of watching countless clips of mostly Class of 3000 and Shrek, me and a panel of seven or so people come up with the nominations. I should note that I made everyone rewatch the entire clip of Skinner freaking out from Rataouille and then convinced them Ian Holm deserves the nom. I go home that night with two seats to the Before, Event, and Afterparty. Yay.

It's the big night. Adam has been plotting and searching for an outfit that will compliment my green silk dress for weeks. We're hot, we're stylin', we have a posh late lunch at Mozza, a "very LA" pizza parlor. It was awesome. Down to UCLA to Royce Hall. People are dressed up. Lots of people in animation aren't very attractive but I'm way excited. There is Seth Green! The shortest man alive. Oh wow, John K. Who the hell is the guy wearing the kilt and the etnies? Is that Weird Al?? shit! Doo dee doo wine OHGOD CARL GREENBLATT.

Ceremony was very funny. Tom Kenny hosting. Lots of talented people. Then it was the voice acting category! Eartha Kitt for television? What? Okay... and for film?



Anyway. It's the afterparty and I need a drink. I go to the bathroom and come back to the party, I've lost Adam. I turn, immediately to my left, and see Brad Bird.

I run.

I grab a glass of wine and sip with all my might. Adam's there and I'm trying to choke down as much shitty wine as possible. The whole time Adam is monitoring Bird's movements, and finally I get to the point where I might not pee myself and cry if I get to shake his hand.

... and he's gone.

Just like that, he teleported back to his fortress of supremely rad solitude and Brad Bird was gone. I totally fucked my chance at meeting him.

I'm dumb.

But it was okay. We met James Hong, Carter Goodrich, Eric Goldberg, and most awesomely, Patrick Warburton. All in all an awesome time. I look forward to a day I may attend the Annies again, but actually being a colleague with some of these people instead of like, you know... being terrified by everyone.

Thursday, February 07, 2008




Monday, January 28, 2008


It's been forever and I miss you, blog! So much has been happening! I have art!

I have this quasi-character of a train robber chick because I am a big nerd who likes old western train robbery. Plus you can totally see her bra.

Okay, the other night Adam was putting lemons in our disposal and this is what it looked like. Our disposal literally shakes the entire sink and some of the kitchen when we turn it on, which leads me to believe a devious little beast followed us home from the magic forest and made its home in our sink. This is what he looks like. Every time I draw Adam it turns out more awesome (except for his crab claw hand, there).The first color thing I've done in forever and I KNOW THE LIGHTING IS WRONG I AM FIXING thank you. Jesus christ I need to finish this thing.

Okay, Cloverfield. Adam and I went to see this movie. My little sister, who is scared by absolutely everything, tells me that it's fantastic and she'd totally see it again. I think, "Wow, if Taylor can handle it, it mustn't be too bad."

I was wrong.

This movie horrified me and I had to leave. I actually had to leave the picture. Apparently I left before any of the crazier shit happened, and for anyone who already saw it, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm an enormous wuss. What the fuck, JJ Abrams. Way to make me scared forever of a sudden terrifying monster attack by God knows the fuck what.

In happier news I am rocking Pokemon Diamond. Five hundred pokemon are way too many in my opinion but I'll do my best with it I guess. OMG friend me so we can trade.

More soon? Isn't there always?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Operation F-204

hello blog, remember me? a long time ago i used to write in you. well, here's what's new:

i moved



i'm tired. oh god i'm tired. i bought a shower curtain with pockets for photos.

tomorrow i fly to virginia.


Friday, August 31, 2007

Been A Long Time

Hello again, faithful readers! Sorry it's been awhile, there has been lots of goings on. But I do have pictures, so hopefully you'll manage to keep it in your pants.

First and foremost, my birthday was a little over two weeks ago and it was lovely with lovely people and lovely places and lovely amounts of lovely lovely booze. I'm not going to go on about it because I have a picture that I think sums it up pretty sufficiently.

Yeah. Also, a little over a week ago, Adam and I went up to Santa Barbara and had a stupid fun time doing all sorts of things, namely going to see THE BEASTIE BOYS. Oh my goodness, let me tell you. This concert was like a goddamned religious experience. The Santa Barbara Bowl is gorgeous. As we were waiting for the show to begin, we just sat there and chilled while watching the sunset over a spectacular ocean view. Oh, and did I mention that our seats were awesome? (See previous sentence). Now, I never considered myself a Beastie Boys fan, mostly because I hadn't really heard any of their stuff, except for their more mainstream songs, but still I had no idea that was them. Well, Adam showed me the light since he's a little bit obsessed with them and now I too find myself embracing their work with a big fuzzy hug that says, "hello, i'm so glad we've met". The show was spectacular, definitely one of the best I've ever seen.

You know how they say your taste buds change every seven years, and even though you used to hate tomatoes for a great portion of your life, suddenly you find yourself loving them? Well that didn't exactly happen to me but I wonder if the same theory applies to your musical tastebuds. Ear... buds? Auditory canal buds? Whatever. The point is that record scratching now seems to have the same effect on me that a violin or a guitar does. It just makes me melt. I never used to be too into hip hop type stuff but maybe I was a closet fan all along.

Before this amazing show we went to the zoo. We went to the zoo because the Santa Barbara zoo is the only zoo I know of that has a Red Panda, which everyone should know is my goddamned favorite animal that ever existed (Sorry badger, you got booted to a very fond second place). Even though the thing was asleep up in the corner it was still completely amazing. We also saw penguins, gorillas, bald eagles with one eye, snow leopards, giant freaky birds and lemurs. I have pictures but I am so lazy that I'm not going to put them up. Instead I have these.

I mean honestly, what else do you need. Look at Adam's goddamn face. He pulled that one out and every time I tried to take the shot I started laughing hysterically. So it was me, laughing like a lunatic, while people walked by and Adam kept that face on the whole time. I tip my bonnet to him. Jesus. Just look at him.

Lastly we stayed in a hotel that quite literally had a full-wall mirror next to the bed. Now, this was particularly hilarious because just that morning I suggested Adam get the same thing for his bedroom, which he quickly shot down as both cheesy and trashy. I guess I agreed with him and we moved on. Then we walk into this hotel room and BAM GIANT MIRROR. I applaud you, Best Western of Santa Barbara!

Oh, and then I was going on about disco balls and what happened? Beastie Boys had a giant disco ball for one of their numbers. Brilliant.

I now leave you with the much anticipated first two pages of my completely crappily drawn comic that Adam and I are working on just for kicks. The idea is that we're a couple who stumbles upon a magic forest and then we have adventures. Keep in mind that the "forest" shown on page two is actually outside Adam's apartment door. Dialogue is inspired from real conversation, and almost all the characters to follow in the comic were inspired by the apartment complex, the noises we hear in it, cats, statues, monsters, and everything else we encounter on a daily basis. Enjoy!

That's all for now!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Movies & OCD

I think I might be a wee bit obsessive compulsive. Shut up, people who know me in real life. Stop laughing.

No seriously. I just sat down and made a chart of all my expenses date by date over the next four months and calculated out everything tentatively. Not only that, but this is the third time I've made one of these charts. It's strangely soothing. Yeah, I'm totally normal.


Darjeeling Limited: I love Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman. Nuff said.

Golden Compass: This looks ridiculous and awesome all at once. Looks like it has a little bit of Pan's Labyrinth darkness to it... very cool.

10,000 BC: Ummmm good God. Cavemen and giant mammoths? Yes please.

The Ten: A movie made by the guys who brought you The State, and openly advertised as such. Looks hilarious.

Superbad: I cannot express how excited I am for this one. Looks absolutely hysterical.

Hairspray: Who still likes musicals? No one? Damnit. I guess I'm seeing this alone.

Horton Hears A Who: More like Horton Hears a HOLY CRAP. Unless you're some sort of filthy fishmonger there is no way your childhood isn't squealing over Dr. Seuss characters in glorious 3D fuzzy wonder. Go to Moviefone to see the trailer!

Also, screw you, Chevron!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Holy Hell: ART!

I just had a chance to scan a bunch of work I've done lately (though none colored as of yet... stay tuned) and now I'm going to share it with you and you, and... okay, you over there too.

This first set of wrinkly drawings I did while bored at work. You can still see the menu printed on the backside of the paper.

From this ridiculous comic that I'm working on with Adam. It started out as an inside joke and now it's this... thing. Anyway, long story short, Adam's tattoo summons up a giant bird-dragon named Wilbur Curtis.
Some big-eared pig thing? I dunno.
Two more characters from the comic; Floyd (left) and Buttons (right).
Wilbur Curtis.
Character design for a seeeecret project I've been developing.


More elf action, because you know how much I like that sort of thing.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


iPhone changed my life. This is literally the coolest device anybody could ever hope for, and don't even get me started on the effect it has on you if you're any sort of a nerd. If you haven't seen one in person yet you will die when you see what it does. Screw what everyone says about battery life. Screw waiting until the next generation. This thing is worth every penny because I find so many occasions every day in which it is just extremely useful. My favorite example so far: I went to a wedding this past weekend in San Diego. I get into a cab to go to the restaurant where the wedding is being held, but the cabbie has no idea where it is. I whip out my iPhone and get directions right there in the back of the cab. I know, you don't even have to tell me how amazing it was because I was there.

Ratatouille: Please sir, I want some more. I've seen this movie three times and I need to see it again and again.

Transformers: Shut all your goddamn mouths, it was great.

Side note: Can we stop it already with laws on nudity? I overheard some news tonight about some town where if someone sees you naked in your bedroom window after you just got out of the shower you can be arrested. Honestly, America, it's time to stop putting these ridiculous laws that makes everyone think they need to be ashamed and terrified of their own bodies. I really don't understand the people who think these laws are a good idea to begin with. Do they just weep out of disgust every time they need to step into the shower? And come on, let's be honest with ourselves. Everyone loves being naked. Don't try to tell me you don't.

Note to self: Erin, you can't spend any money at Comic Con this year, mainly because you don't have any money.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Being a Nerd is Amazing

Frederator Studios announced that they're going to be making a Neverhood movie.


::Post terminated due to massive happy brain explosion::