Friday, December 30, 2005

I can't help but wonder...

... is it fate that my Gmail ticker is displaying a "Theme Park Engineering Class" website?

I mean, because it's not like I cry out of sheer inspiration when I listen to my $100 6-disc "A Musical History of Disneyland" CD set or anything.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Well, thank God!

Your Elf Name Is...

Pixie Fluffernutter

Monday, December 26, 2005

Friday, December 23, 2005

Kronk's New Groove

... was not very good. It wasn't necessarily bad, but... mediocre. However, it did have ONE thing that made it well worth my twenty dollars, and that happens to be one of the only things that can redeem a so-so animated feature (this one thing also happens to be one of my favorite things that can be done in an animated feature as well), and that is...


Plus Ms. Birdwell is simply adorable and I love her. So there.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Choices Are Yours and Yours Alone

Hey bitches, guess who's back. I was going to start updating once the site/blog revamp was up, but screw it because I have things to say. Write.

I'm all Konged out now that I've seen the King twice in the same twenty-four hour period. The first time didn't count because the only seats that were available to my party were cleverly positioned three feet away from the screen. Incidentally, this placement caused me to have a horrendous bout of motion sickness lasting for the final two hours of the film. So I just kind of closed my eyes and listened to dinosaurs and giant bugs eat absolutely everything. The second time around I sat ALL THE WAY in the back. Boy, is that bug scene creepy or what?

So what has Erin been up to since the last time she updated? I'm sure you're all asking yourselves that. The answer to that would be:

• A successful dropping of art school
• A successful shattering of my heart by someone who didn't mean to at all
• A successful picking u and glue-ing back together of those pieces by a very nice (and persistent) boy
• A successful realization that I was born to do character design
• A successful freelance job in which I discovered that I doubt my abilities as an artist a little too much, sometimes
• An unsuccessful attempt at a job at Nickelodeon (I'll get those bastards yet)
• A lot of waitressing
• A lot of daydreaming
• A lot of driving to LA
• A lot of Disneyland (and I mean a lot)
• Keeping Corner Bakery afloat double-handedly (Beckie's the other hand)
• Seeing Coldplay (I can now die)
• Seeing Backstreet Boys
• Seeing Beck AGAIN

I'll let you know if I left anything out. That's all for now.

Space Mountain Count: 82

Friday, July 22, 2005

Nothing that I wouldn't try

Comic-con = too much to even describe when it comes to awesomeness and fun. I got mooninite socks.

Working working working.

Also, if you ever have a chane to see Beck live... do it.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Erin's Movie Update

What's today? Thursday, Friday?

Several things have become apparent to me recently. First and foremost:

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is probably the best movie ever made. Honestly. The writing is so good that it blows my mind and I wonder why movies just don't have the same ridiculous spark of pure entertainment that this movie has. Every character is loveable in their own quirky way, even Augustus Gloop, who literally spends thirty seconds on the screen and has three lines before being sucked up in a giant tube stuck in a chocolate river. But that's because it's impossible not to at least have the slight urge to poke a fat German's boy's stomach and giggle. Just think about it. If Gene Wilder ever asks me to marry him I will say yes instantly.

Which brings me to my next point:

As everyone in the world knows, Tim Burton is releasing his own version of a semi-dark yet vividly colored Chocolate Factory. Naturally it has a modern twist to it (just look at Violet's jogging suit and everyone's sneakers) but I will be absolutely astonished if Burton's rendition even so much as touches the hilarious innocence and splendor of one of the most convincing worlds made in a film. Tim Burton's great and all, but I just can't imagine the new film coming close to the original. But it should be interesting, at least. Although the guy who is playing Grandpa Joe is so creepy that I'm starting to lose sleep at night. He looks like Pixar's Geri and Woody Allen had a sickly old baby. I just can't imagine that guy being as squeezeable as the original GJ.

Point number trois:

I have NO idea why (and I probably never will) but I just watched this and I can't wait to see it. If someone walked up to you on the street and pitched a movie starring Jack Black in a SERIOUS role followed by the description of a barrage of battles between dinosaurs and a giant gorilla while a skinny scantily clad blond woman is thrown into the mix, you'd probably slap that person in the face and spit on his shoe for insulting your intelligence (unless you're one of those people who liked Constantine ((and I'm very sorry to he people who are my good friends who enjoyed Constantine and will probably buy it on DVD next week))) Yet the intrigue and desire to see this movie is prominenty coursing through my veins.

Sleeping Beauty is the worst movie Disney ever made, yet has the best style of any of their animated films (actually, the second best, Emperor's New Groove still is the top in my book). Maleficent could have been the craziest (and sexist) baddie ever and her introduction scene makes me shiver and drool at how lithe and calculating she is, but then the next time you see her she's hanging out on a forbidden mountain with henchmen who are a combination of vultures, bats and pigs. What the hell is that? And sadly, even though Princess Aurora is probably the hottest Disney princess ever, she is also the most boring and is hardly even in the movie at all.

Howl's Moving Castle is brilliant.

I think I'm out of things to say for now.

Remember to tip your waitress.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Guess Who's Back...

At the Speed of Sound

New Coldplay Album = Fluids in my pants.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Click the titles for pictures!! Do it now! Right here!

Ain't that nifty?

The King and I

It never fails:

Every time I really enjoy a movie or television show and get all geared up to buy merchandise, I always... ALWAYS... end up loving the one character that tested the lowest with child audiences. Thusly, no merchandise.

My latest victim:

King Julien from the outrageously hilarious Madagascar. (The lemur with the big grin and the leafy hat) He's fuzzy, he's quirky, he's voiced by Ali G, and he can dance. Why does God deny me plush toy?

P.S. Now I work as a waitress at Chili's.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

My good friend Brandon (too lazy to link) has thing thing in his journal where he instructs to put your playlist on shuffle and pick out the first twenty songs and add "in your pants". Let's see:

Pool Party in my pants
Hotel California in my pants
Robot Theme Song in my pants
Too Much Time On My Hands in my pants
Escaping Nomanisan in my pants
Renegade in my pants
Show Me The Way in my pants
Man Research in my pants
Confused and Upset in my pants
On The Open Road in my pants
Picture Book in my pants
The Lil' Bonus Room in my pants
Valleygirl in my pants
Parklife in my pants
Feel Good Inc. in my pants
Psychedelic Boogy Child in my pants
Addicted to Love In my pants
Coffee and Other Just Desserts in my pants
"I Promised Them Women" in my pants
Conquistador in my pants

Thank god Conquistador was the last one. That made me laugh.

Monday, April 04, 2005

scaredgirl.jpg 576x625 pixels

There is something to look at. Also forgot to say that Gorillaz has a new video and I'm too lazy to link to it, so I'll just link you to my art instead and you can go find the new video on your own. It makes me squeal. The song is eerily catchy, too. GO.
All I've been able to do is sit here, starve, catch up on scanning artwork and ignore a ten-page Critical Reasoning paper that is due in forty-eight hours. I'm eating loads of this Trader Joe's chocolate that comes in blocks as large as my torso. I don't like chocolate that much, and for someone who doesn't like chocolate, this chocolate is just about the damndest most delicious chocolate I've ever eaten in my life. I can't stop. Maybe it's because all I had to eat today was a half of a chicken breast and a bowl of cereal.

This chocolate is really good.

Sin City was seriously the most gruesome film I have ever seen ever.

Today I watched the Camelot song-and-dance scene from Holy Grail about ten times straight, and although I have seen it maybe a thousand times in my life thus far, today it was funnier than it was the first time I saw the movie. I'm not sure why that is, but it can probably be attributed from the massive amounts of genius oozing out of every gaping pore of the film.

Daylight savings time is the devil bringing darkness (or lightness in this case) to this world. I just love losing an hour of time for no particular reason. The whole day felt rushed.

I think I've finally figured out how to make some of my art look good for a change. We'll see how that goes.

I have a long week ahead of me.

My cell phone broke and now I'm using one from about five years ago that loses battery power even though it's not being used, and the version of "Snake" on it is so old that it's the version of the game in which you cannot pass through the walls.

I don't expect you to make sense of anything in that last paragraph.

This chocolate really is the cricket's wicket.

But I'm still incredibly hungry.


Friday, March 25, 2005

Publick Nuisance


I've never been so happy.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Nothing quite like leftover pizza and a beer at quarter to three in the morning. This pizza is seriously so delicious that I think I could die.

Another year of Oscars, and tonight's ceremony was fairly disappointing on a vague level. The Incredibles won best animated feature though, and when it comes down to it, I suppose that's all I really cared about in the first place.

Maybe I should watch Robot Chicken so that all the people who keep asking me my opinion of it can finally be satiated with an answer. If I haven't already missed it, though. Fuck. I'm waiting for my sheets to dry.

I wish I had something more interesting to talk about, but I don't.

Koji's tomorrow with Charles. Fuck yeah.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Wait, what am I even talking about!!!!! Something interesting DID happen this weekend and my uterus is causing me so much distress that I completely forgot!!

Charles and I went to the premiere of the Animation Show Year Two in Santa Monica, but after we bought tickets we went to the Third Street Promenade, and Matthew Lesko was sitting in the Coffee Bean on a laptop, wearing his green riddler suit and everything. Then, the movie geek from Comedy Central's "Beat the Geeks" was tearing tickets and sweeping the lobby in the theater, and FINALLY, I got to shake Don Hertzfeldt's hand and personally tell him that he's a genius and my hero for all time.

Don's new short is nothing short of scrumtrilescent. Go see the Animation Show if you can.

Forgive me for forgetting our most glorious Friday of D/E-List celebrity sightings, Charles.

There was a lot of "for"s in that last sentence.
Hear what Erin has to say about Keanu Reeves' latest supernatural special effects vampire demon-killing battle between heaven and hell bonanza "Constantine":

"A sharp stick in the eye would have taken about five hours less of my time and been just the slightest bit less painful than watching that movie."

That pretty much sums it up right there. Worst movie I've seen in a long time. I can't even recommend this monstrous excuse for a "cinematic film" to someone who is in desperate need of a good laugh. Keanu can't even act a cough. Awful. Simply awful. This movie is like a crime to humanity.

That being said, the Spongebob movie is being released out of NOWHERE a week from today. YES!!!! Fastest theater-to-DVD transfer ever.

Let it be known and sing it from the mountain tops: I love buffalo wings.

I would like to say that I saw something really interesting happen this weekend, like a hot woman dating a midget or a blue cat running into a window. But nothing like that happened.

This can sum up my mood right now:

ErinZ (12:48:53 AM): we should all hang out with a big group of people this weekend.
ErinZ (12:49:02 AM): have a ho-down or something
ErinZ (12:49:06 AM): square dancing
ErinZ (12:49:20 AM): black gold
ErinZ (12:49:23 AM): texas tea
ErinZ (12:49:45 AM): i don't even know what i mean anymore.


Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Birthday Blake (officially)!

LA Adventure Weekend: Success.

And much fun was had! Bagels were eaten! Guitars were rocked on! Fruit cups were enjoyed! Hobos were witnessed! I missed you, Blake!

Now it's back to reality and work. Oosh! But... this weekend...



Friday, February 11, 2005

Los Angeles adventure weekend and it has only just begun.

ErinZ (3:14:42 PM): his name is esteban
Mollie (3:14:54 PM): hee
Mollie (3:14:56 PM): esteban?
ErinZ (3:15:03 PM): my fiery latino lover
Mollie (3:15:19 PM): ah
ErinZ (3:15:20 PM): he comes and serenades me below my window with his spanish guitar, sans a shirt
Mollie (3:15:21 PM): i sseeee
Mollie (3:15:28 PM): *hoots*
ErinZ (3:15:47 PM): he has long, flowing black hair and he whispers sweet nothings to me in his native tongue
ErinZ (3:17:24 PM): i'll never love white men again

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The week started out crappy but quickly took a turn for the awesome when I finally resolved something that has been brooding within me for the past ten years. Having acknowledgement of one's freedom is an excellent thing, and I recommend that everyone ponders that for at least ten minutes every day.

Other than that, rather uneventful. The highlights of my recent days seem to come only when I get my "word of the day" in my inbox. Why? Because I'm a vocab-loving poindexter.

I occasionally read through entries from previous months, often to amuse myself through myself, but mostly out of boredom. Some of these spiels are so embarrassing that I am amazed I didn't purge the entire blog multiple times. To think, there are people who have the ability to go back in my life and read an idiotic rant from two years ago. Two years ago! I had slightly more intelligence than a drooling mollusc with glasses back then, and somehow I have set myself up so that any person who has access to the internet can go back and revisit Erin's days of yore. This actually frightens me. In about two years, I'm sure I'll write this same paragraph about the same subject about this paragraph that I'm writing right now.

I also wonder how entertaining I could possibly be when it seems that every three entires, I'm either bitching about being hungry or having a load of homework (mostly the former, though). I guess everyone knows what my priorities in life are, now. (Although anyone who spends more than an hour's worth of time with me knows that keeping me fed is the easiest way to maintain a pleasant Erin.)

No, that was not an indirect request to have any of you buy me food.

Except for Charles, maybe.


Charles, I owe you my soul.

Time for me to go draw caricatures of Conan O'Brien. All this typing about being hungry is making me hungry.


There I go again.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

I feel like I'm the guru of silly television show quotes. Like someone tries to have an intelligent conversation with me, but all I can manage to respond with is a phrase that only makes sense if being spoken by a giant milkshake with yellow gloves.

I didn't even realize this week happened until about two minutes ago. I'm not even sure what happened.

The word of the day is "smarmy".

I did nothing tonight.

I'm so sick of the rain.

Disneyland tomorrow. (Or today, technically)

My hands smell like clove oil.

I'm hungry.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

So much homework, I want to die! But then again, that's only the thousandth time I've written that.

Wonderous days go by as I attend school, got bogged down with homework, draw Jewish pirates, and pester my newly-adopted twin sons from New York with my brand new illegitimate lesbian lover Mollie.

I went to the Disney this morning with Chuck. Rode the Haunted Mansion, which oddly enough filled a vacancy in my soul. (It was it's reopening after taking down all their Nightmare Before Christmas crap) We ate at the Blue Bayou and had an amazing fried sandwich and okra-laiden gumbo, which I am now craving in a sleepy paint-mixing stupor. Too bad all I have been eating instead are chocolate almond clusters and drunken pimento stuffed olives, and suffice to say, it just isn't the same.

My perspective project looks like ass and a half. It was supposed to be a drawing of a manly investigation of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye (the Indiana Jones ride, if you're that ignorant) but instead it just looks like a bunch of large-headed ninnies in collar shirts taking a stroll through a Lowe's example of a kitchen that you could build in your own home. God.

And now I leave you with this interesting tidbit:

ErinZ (1:51:56 AM): if i got my uterus taken out, i would ask for the doctor to put it in a jar so that i could keep it. then i would draw a twirly moustache and hairy eyebrows on the jar and display it on a shelf in my foyer, with a plaque under it saying "Malevolo, the Greatest of All Evils: 1986-2005"

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I accomplished the unthinkable and spent four straight days at Disneyland. Yesterday was another day there by myself and it was a blast. I ran around going on every ride I could possibly manage into my seven-hour span of time there. I drank a Rock Star as I walked along Paradise Pier in California Adventure and looked at all the terrifying rides that I swore to myself I'd never go on. At one point I got onto Pirates and was placed in the back of the boat, the only other passenger was another sole Disneylandier seated all the way in the front. It was like having the entire ride to myself. As the park was closing and I was ready to leave, I noticed that there was one more showing of "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln" as I passed, and naturally I had to go in and watch the animatronic replica of our sixteenth president do his stuff. What a day.

School started, and I can already tell that this semester is going to be like an antisocial dream right up until May.

I want to join Mensa and dance around with genius geeks.

Time to go work on perspective homework, now that I'm actually learning the material...

Monday, January 17, 2005

Charles: The antenna ball is hot and I'm bound to be the core of everyone's raging jealousy when school starts back up. Also my dad likes it, which is a bonus. I'm sorry about the soda.
to the whopping four people who actually read this journal:

sorry that i haven't written in a long, long time.

the one word that pretty much sums up the absent time is "Disneyland", the place where i have spent the better part of my time for the past week. today was my third consecutive day there, and it looks like tomorrow is shaping up to be day four. i'm frightened to think what the rest of my week would be like if i didn't start school on tuesday.

disneyland is honestly the best place a human being can go during any sort of life situation. just look at this highly-shortened version of my week there:


*ring ring*
Erin: Hello?
Erin: Rain!! Weather channel.
Erin: Kay.
Erin: No lines!
Charles: WOO!
Nicole: ...
*Ten minues/Eighteen rides later*
Erin, Charles, & Nicole: RAIN!! OH GOD RAIN
Erin: Sleep.


Beau: DISNEYLAND! Disneyland?
John: Disneyland.
Chelsi: Disneyland.
Rich: Disneyland.
Erin, Beau, Chelsi, Rich, & John: DISNEYLAND!!
Beau: Matterhorn!
Erin: Caterpillar ride twice!
Erin: Mulholland Madness!
Erin: Thunder Mountain!
Everyone: YAY!


Erin: Disneyland?
Mollie: Disneyland.
Erin: Ack, people.


Erin: Disneyland!
Charles: DisneyLAND!
Erin: Pirates!! I look hot in a fedora.
Charles: Here's some food!
Erin: WOO!
Charles: Here's some espresso and a macaroon!
Erin: YAY! Damn I love that fedora. NO!! I LOST A GLOVE
Charles: Roger Rabbit!
Erin: Ack, people!!
Charles: Time to go.
Erin: I lick Club 33.


Erin: Disneyland! By myself.
Canadian Family: EH!!!
Erin: Indie!
Disney Staff: Sit tight, something broke and we're coming to get you.
Canadian Family: Eh.
Erin: *weep*

What adventures will tomorrow hold?