Wednesday, November 19, 2003

sick sick sick sick siiiiick.

have spent most of the past day and a half in bed rolling about in a cushiony layer of tissues and sweaty blankets. i am fighting the evil as much as i can and i think i am slowly coming out on top. my nose feels like it is going to fall off.

lots of hullabuloo in santa barbara this morning as michael jackson is only being accused of child molestation maybe for the ten bajillionth time. who didn't see this one coming?

nothing else to say for now... need to shower

Monday, November 17, 2003

it seems that something evil is battling my immune system somethin' fierce right now. my nose is angry and i can't seem to open my eyelids fully.

initiate operation VICKS VAPORUB™ and PUFFS™ PLUS© LOTION TISSUES ™©®™

we moved about half the desk today only to discover that the whole thing really isn't going to work out. let's face it... disney animation desk is the stuff of dreams but... completely impractical in my current situation. i am saddened and i must send all my heartfelt apologies to stweve for going through all the insane trouble only to have it all end up like this. i sorry, stweve.

the car goes in to get a ding fix tomorrow. i stomp all angry around because it seems i cannot obtain any given vehicle for more than a forty-eight hour period. my baby!!!

and the mucus keeps on comin

Sunday, November 16, 2003

forgot to mention very bizarre dream last night where jack black professed his undying love to me and i was swimming in an ocean alongside a cliff. however, this was all after being in a friend's bathroom naked for no apparent reason
taking a break from government notes and drawing flashcards for mexicans to write. haven't had much time in the past few days due to exciting insanity/stress/sleepies.

it all begins on friday while i'm at the game and very sleepy from walking to and from school and working all day, but i'm in a very cheery mood. in fact, cheery enough to dance my way back to school by myself at seven o'clock at night to the elf soundtrack. everyone was at the game including my new soulmate jesse. it was very cold and i ate some crappy pizza but then the phone rings. it be my parents telling me they got news for me. i was scared and confused. but next thing i know, they say...

new car.

well, you can bet that i screamed until i nearly vomited blood. the car is now about ten feet away from me and through the garage door (i am in mom's office right now). it is brand new volkswagon concept lagoon blue color only two thousand made black leather blue insert interior with blue stitching 200 watt monsoon sound system seat heat full lumbar support TURBO BEETLE. i shit my pants every time i so much as think about it. the car is the most beautiful creation by man up to date and it packs such a punch that i am afraid to look at it. it is my baby. and boy howdy, are we gonna RAGE.

so life is very good. except for the consistent flow of schoolwork and community service and soon car payments and art. tomorrow is the day the animation desk finds its new home in my pants. room. it will be difficult and i am stressed but i'm quite sure the end result will be very pleasing. this is a good year for me indeed and despite the stress of art and school and portfolios, it is senior year, i have a car, an animation desk, a guitar, and a dream.

"and" count in previous paragraph: 8

i have another dream besides the aforementioned dream and this dream i share with stweve. we have a vision of bringing the animation show to laguna beach. stweve is hooking it up with the school and the theatre he works at and i am hooking it up (or trying to, at least) with the animation show crew. hopefully they will be willing to acquiesce with our plight to bring this heaping glory of a ninety-minute show to a few more people in this world. i swear to god i'll make it happen. i'm determined, by golly. and you know, every time i've say to myself, "this is the last time i'll ever see the animation show" i end up seeing it at least one more time, completely unexpectedly... let's see if the tradition continues...

now i guess i must go clean my room because it is a hideous mess and the desk will be frowny if it is not clean

Thursday, November 13, 2003

writing to once again ensure a hearty lack of slumber

today was thursday which means something was bound to go wrong. this week's installment was somebody signing on my screen name in the computer lab at school and deleting my entire buddy list. woopee!!

running out of hair straightener. afraid

got a haircut today too. at fantastic sams, which is a terrifying place with paint on the walls. while i was sitting around the place i was working on a drawing of my character reyla (for the half a person who knows, reyla is the sexy pink-haired lass avec bondage dans la pagé de artweeerkkoo) and a haircut lady stopped and started talking to me.

haircut lady: is that freehand?
me: yeah, it is.
hl: are you taking classes? i hope you are.
me: no... no classes. i'm self-taught.
hl: well, i hope you're planning on doing something with that.
me: yeah, i am.
hl: do you want to illustrate children's books?
me: (glaring at the drawing with reyla in a dark goth-esque outfit and a very short skirt)... no, i'm getting into animation and comic books.
hl: oooh!! done in freehand like that?
me: yes...
hl: now is that yours, have you made that before?
me: yes, she's an original character from a comic i've been working on for a year and a half.
hl: so is she or he yours?
me:...... yes.
hl: and you want to do this freehand?
me: yep. i want to make my own animated shorts.
hl: but... i thought they did that all with computer now! do they still do it freehand?
me: well, computer is becoming more popular, but... there are still certain animation shows and things which support traditiona--
hl: you keep that up! it's neat!
me: ....

now, okay. i know not every person on the planet can be animation savvy but that conversation was so bizarre and depressing even though i know that the woman knows nothing about animation or could even tell reyla is a woman. it's not her fault in the slightest but it's times like that where i know that no matter how hard i could try to explain the complex beauty of animation to someone, they still would have no idea what the fuck i was talking about. it's sort of sad in a way. but the picture of reyla will be done soon and i am quite proud of it...

bought the elf soundtrack and it is the best christmas cd since the south park christmas album. i hate christmas songs but every track on this cd is a delight. especially brian setzer's nutcracker suite. if i had to sit in a big room and listen to the same song forever for eternity, i might consider that song as a top ten candidate. it's keen. i am completely obsessed with arctic puffin and if you do not know what that is, you must see elf immediately.

i'm thinking of writing reviews for movies and tv and stuff since i would like to. however, i am lazy and this puts a damper on everything.

i think my car is dead. it was alive for two days but now it is somewhat dead. i cry


Saturday, November 08, 2003

i write now because for the first time in my life, i was denied tickets to a rated r movie.

i go to see matrix with friends and we are all laughing and having a good time and when we get up to the ticket office the man says, "i need an id" and i'm all, "no problem!" and whip out my student id. this, however, is not good enough for the man. he then asked me for an id with a birthdate on it. i had to explain to him that the school id is all i have and that i cannot drive. he go, "well, do you have a passport or a birth certificate?" "not ON me" i say. he then proceeds to tell why he cannot sell us tickets for the matrix. "it's like selling alcohol or cigarettes to a minor" he go. "but it's not detrimental to your HEALTH" i told him, but he still refused to sell the tickets. we all then walked away like a pile of broken dreams with feet. god does not want me to see matrix tonight

i did see elf the other day though and that really was splendid in a cutesy innocent way. will ferrel makes me laugh. bought the ginormous kill bill poster and still need to hang it up. i cannot figure out where to put it.

last night i was with katie j and foes and we decided to go to the abandoned kmart parking lot. i had my guitar so i could sit and sing songs about missing kmart to the four chords i know. ten minutes later a car approaches us with little lights on top of it, and the first thing i think is, "midget car ON TOP OF CAR" but soon we found out it was a police car. the man was nice and asked us what we were doing and i frankly told him (with guitar in hand) that we were singing songs about kmart. he said he'd love to hear. so i strum the e chord and sing in a broken, high pitched voice, "k maaaaart, we're so sad you're gone, we miiiiissss yoooooouuuuuuuu!!!!!!!" police man nods and tells us that we're not doing anything illegal so we can stay. he was only looking for a stolen jeep with paper plates all over it, or something. then he drove off and i kept singing.

i should hang up that poster now...

Monday, November 03, 2003

came home today only to find that the entire family had raided my candy bag and took absolutely every single piece of something i was saving for later. all of my reese's cups. they didn't even leave me one. i can't really tell what else is missing but i know it's gone because the amount of stuff in the bag is considerably less than what i had yesterday

made a happy collage for my friend katie j, which can be seen here. i don't think it needs any explanation whatsoever

i ate lots of chocolately things today which is bad enough but now when i go downstairs we have nothing but cookies, peanut butter, or food items packed with sodium, which isn't a far cry from my current all candy/salty meat sandwich diet. i return to my room to scrape for the precious few fun size snickers bars remaining...
had a dream where this rich obnoxious guy came into my work and was a pain in the ass but gave me a fifty-one dollar tip

Sunday, November 02, 2003

i haven't updated in two days!!

first things first... halloween. everything went over pretty well and i wasn't shot or anything in my skimpy cop outfit. yay! took my sister trick or treating with stweve and got an assload of candy while my sister would scream, "uh oh, i just soiled myself" at the doorways of about half the houses we visited. then came parties... swteve and i attended two parties, one of which had a miniature mosh pit and an old friend dressed as a giant red cylinder with hands. we watched army of darkness which was... good?... and then there was a short-lived ten minute party where everyone was high. left that and went home. it was very cold and rainy and the fact that i was wearing maybe a total two square feet of clothing didn't help. at least i got lots of canday

now it is november and the transition has made the weather very VERY cold, which is nice and all but boy am i freezing. saw brother bear today and it wasn't very good and the time period it's supposed to be set in confuses the hell out of me. home on the range looks like it's gonna be tons of fun, though

ian has three cats. erin takes clariton but it don't work well. now erin can't breathe at all and her esophagus is swollen shut. she go die now...

but before that, earlier mentioned fish carnage pictures are here...


middle... (gooey stuff on the tray to the bottom left courtesy of a sliced stomach)

all done!

here are some more pictures to soothe your soul after all that blood...