Friday, September 26, 2003

well, i thought that today i would go home and weep being that it was the last day of the animation show and there was no way i'd ever see it again. at that moment, with a rush of unholy fire came evaun, telling me during fifth period that "the animation show is playing at uci!" i didn't believe him but after checking he was RIGHT. IT WAS. so i decided to forget about all educational obligations and venture forth to see the beauty of the animation show...


it was like a trip to some freakish dreamland. i saw it with david and then saw it with stweve right after. the second crowd was the best ever as everyone in the audience laughed uncontrollably at everything. it made me so happy and i had about a thousand comments on my snappy new rejected t-shirt, which was deflowered at the show. oh, happy day!

i have to do a shitload of current events and study for marine ecology now.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

fifth period and i'm feelin' frisky!

actually, my feet really hurt.

i just remembered this dream i had last night where i spontaneously decided to get all these tattoos all over me. i was a little afraid of doing it but i didn't really care, and when it was all done i felt this amazing sense of having something new about myself. it was a good feeling. i had like, two simpsons tattoos, one of which was like, homer as a skeleton vampire or something. i had two tattoos on my lower back and some on my arms. i can't really remember what the others were... i think just designs. getting the tattoos didn't hurt at all, and i bragged about how i was immune to pain. OH!!!!!! i just remembered what one of the other tattoos was!! it was like, this space lady in a lab coat above three playing cards. i don't know why the hell i got that but i did. and i remember sitting at the dinner table with long sleeves, trying to cover up the tattoos and figuring out what i would say to my parents if or when they noticed. i was scared because the playing cards and space lab coat lady was implying las vegas somehow, which equaled SLEAZE in the dream. finally, my dad asked about the tattoo because i guess he knew. i showed him and i was all scared, but he said it was cool. although it was in the tone he uses when he doesn't approve of something but respects it. then my mom liked it, too. i got so excited since they didn't freak out and i decided to go out THAT NIGHT and get more tattoos. i was gonna get the fluffy thing from rejected somewhere. and then i got all worried about running out of places on my body to put tattoos.

i wonder if i'll ever seriously get a tattoo.

it seems like it would be really neat, but... god, i dunno. i suppose that if i ever got sick of whatever i'd get, i'd just convince myself i was born with this really crazy birthmark and had no way of getting rid of it. i wonder what the amazing lure of the tattoo is... i mean, the best thing is when someone gets a tattoo that actually means something. like a family symbol or a memorial for a dead friend, somewhere along those lines. then i'd imagine you'd never get sick of it, because it's significant of someone or something. now that's cool.

the music for the scene in 28 days later where jim runs through the house killing everyone just came on my ipod. it is goooooood.

wicky wicky yo!

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

so it's getting late and i haven't gotten much in the way of homework finished. erk. i dunno what i'm gonna do.

my rejected shirt came! GLEE!! it is seriously the most adorable shirt ever. my only dilemma is to wear it tomorrow, or to wait until friday when i would surely go out after school and be seen in large public places with it... hmmm.... the latter sounds tempting.

i'm watching the "mondobot/giant" episode of samurai jack and it's so gorgeous. genndy tartakovsky must be migty proud of himself for all the stuff he do. i know that if i made samurai jack, i'd be a total pompous asshole. i mean, i'd have every right to be.

i better get some of this english stuff done, now.

back in fifth period again with nothing much to do. i'd just like to write something before i have to go how and do all the homework in the world in one night. going on trips is great but i forgot about the massive work load that comes with it. boooohhh.

everyone is asking for my help with photoshop and while i don't mind it at all, my technology-filled brain cannot fathom how someone wouldn't know how to expand a window or use the erase tool. gads!

today i was walking outside of my art class where there is a heaping pile of construction going on to the former english wing. and as i walked past and saw the insides of the mostly demolished buildings, i thought about how crazy it is that in a few months, that won't be there. it's like... i spent three years of my life going to classes in those buildings, and now they're being erased from existence right before my eyes. the part that seemed the craziest to me was the fact that the only way these buildings will continue to exist is in my mind. solid establishments that have been there for decades will now only exist within my memories. so... if i forget all about that building someday, does it truly cease to exist? i dunno, my words aren't coming out right, but ya know what i mean? philosophical!

god, my head hurts. i've been having some serious headaches lately and i'm not sure why. i've been making a deliberate attempt to eat healthier and i don't think my body likes it much. when i look up at the computer screen i feel like i'm straining my eyes and it is painy!! i hate it!! i have been taking way too many excedrin quick tabs. the caffeine will surely kill me someday.

work later. i don't know how well i'll handle it after having a whole TWO DAYS off. i get real lazy after about a half hour.

errrgh. now i'm dizzy. i go now.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

so i wrote this BYOOOOOOOOOOTIFUL entry about a week ago and mailed it to myself because the publish button on this blog updatey thing didn't seem to be working. i tried again at home but still no work. i check my mail today and EVERYTHING GONE, including invoice for rejected shirt! i weep like never before.

i saw the animation show this weekend and it inspired me so crazy-like that i started trying to animate. i think the show was exactly what i needed to get off my ass and really start to focus on my art again. i'm even picking up on my main project after a long stretch of... not working on it. so this makes me glad. i bought the extremely goofy movie today and the beatnik chick in it makes me smiiiiiile!!

i also went to the red bull flügtag on saturday. now, if you don't know what the flügtag is, you must look it up on this "internet" thingy and find pictures. basically, the premise is to build a gigantic and ideally silly looking craft meant to fly. then you take it and dance around it for awhile in front of a hundred thousand people and then you push it off a thirty-foot ramp and see how far it goes before it crashes into the ocean. it is probably the best thing man ever did. so i went with jason, stweve, andrea, katie, and devon. we got there real early and ate at this place where it was fifteen dollars for a waffle. ridiculous! after that we strutted over to the beach to witness everyone's flight attempts, but not before i went on a wild treasure hunt for tampons. suspense! but i found them. anyway, we went to the beach and there was a literal ass load of people on it. they were EVERYWHERE. so i'm all trying to find a spot for all of us to sit but the only thing we can manage is a space behind a bunch of people in beach chairs, making it so we can see absolutely nothing where everything was happening. i started whining. a lot. i didn't come all the way out to santa monica just to stand around for five hours. jason got pissy at me and then stweve and i went to get food. it took a really long time and we paid five dollars for a shitty grilled cheese only to discover there was a taco bell express ten feet away. i could have had a shitty taco for TWO dollars!! boo. so stweve and i took about an hour to get our food and then headed back down to the beach. we missed the teenage mutant ninja turtles plane and stweve was very sad. when we got back down to the beach, to our AMAZING AMAZEMENT... everyone was gone. we were looking around, all like, "what the fuck? where are they?" when i get a call on my cell phone. it was andrea. she go, "we're over it and we're leaving". i couldn't believe it. two or three weeks of building up to this goddamn event and an hour later (it was an HOUR) more than half the group decides to leave. for what, i don't know. but they just up and left. and it made me ANGRY!! so i ate a guy. thank god stweve was there because we stayed and watched DANNY BONADUCE JUMP INTO THE PACIFIC OCEAN WITH SOME HOOTERS GIRLS ONLY TO HAVE HIS UNDERWEAR RIPPED FROM HIS PRIVATES IN THE BRIMEY DEEP SO WHEN I LOOKED AT ONE OF THE BIG SCREENS THEY HAD PLANTED ON THE BEACH ALL I COULD SEE WAS A FORMER PARTRIDGE FAMILY MEMBER'S BIG WHITE ASS!!!! it was such a spectacle. aside from that momentary horror, the rest of the planes were real neat. there was one that looked like a parliament (p-funk) spaceship. there was one that looked like a squirrel. there was one that looked like cheese. there was one that looked like a giant shoe with wings. there was one that was a guy in a soccer ball and a human-propelled foot kicked him off the pier. good lord i had no idea humans could be so creative. it was awesome!! i had so much caffeine my heart was gonna splode.

then stweve and i shipped off to LA to see the animation show in all its wonderous glory. and how! (heehee.) while getting lost several times trying to find the theater, we noticed some really huge, nice pretty animation show posters (aptly featuring fluffy thing of anus bleeding fame) all over the walls on the street. we parked the car and got out and ripped some down. then we went to burger king. then we went to juice it up. then we tried to find a comic shop but got lost again, so basically just drove around singing bohemian rhapsody at the top of our lungs. we got to the theater and my bowels felt as though they were going to burst in a marvelous show of flying bodily excrement. i'm glad it did not do that, though. it might have been messy. anyway. i was so excited to be there. however, there were twelve other people in the theater, ten of which REFUSED TO SMILE. they just did not find anything good about don's stuff which is a real shame because he is like an amazing person and all. his new stuff was so great i wanted to dance around the theater. but not just don's stuff was good, though. everything was good. really good. even the ones i didn't like all that much ended up being good somehow. my favorites were (apart from rejected, don's other stuff and mars and beyond, which are all in their own category of spectacularity) strange invaders, fifty percent gray, and das rad. i got really worried when strange invaders started up because it was canadian. canadians are great and all, but their animation makes me sick to my stomach in a real weird way. however, the short was stupendous and i loved everything about it. fifty percent gray was just flat out cool. what i liked about it is that the character in it was human, but didn't try to be TOO realistic as opposed to cathedral, which featured a guy who was realistic but moved around sort of stiffly. meh. vincent played (woo!) and so did billy's balloon (woooo!) and there was this creepy aardman short called "ident", which was still VERY shpiffy. das rad was fucking great, though. it really was. i don't know why "chubb chubbs" won the oscar over it but it really deserved to win. such a neat concept. plus i loved the noise the rocks made when they clanked around. why are people so stupid?? das rad kicked all the ass. since i was in a theater with a bunch of half-dead people, rejected was somewhat uncomfortable. the only thing piercing the silence was me and stweve's obnoxiously loud laughter. but that didn't make it any less than the best thing the world has ever seen. then we applauded it when it doned. it was one of the best experiences of my life to see don's stuff on a big screen and i'm so inspired i just want to draw and draw and draw until i fall asleep and/or die. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! saturday was a good day.

i am really geared up for hawaii, which is less than a week from now. i bought a new sketchbook for it and everything. i look forward to the artistic inspiration even though i hate drawing palm trees and beaches. myaagh.

this must be the longest entry ever. go me! i have all these pictures i want to post up here of flügtag, rejected, some underwear i saw lying on the street, my art teacher, etc but my computer is on the verge of death and i'm just trying to back everything up before it go KAPOOOOOT. don't die, baby!! don't die!

i should be working on a collage for government right now but GOD i sure don't feel like it. i'm gonna make it in art tomorrow. it's gonna be a picture of arnold eating a california made out of other governor candidates.

did you know that you can't lick your own elbow?

Thursday, September 11, 2003


is a Giant Mecha-Squid that CANNOT BE STOPPED, is Covered in Spines, Fears Nothing, shoots Laser Beams, and rides around in a Metal Tripod.

Strength: 11 Agility: 7 Intelligence: 14

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat Satsuka, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights Satsuka using

Now, see, who would have guessed that I'm a giant squid? A ROBOTIC squid?? I mean, besides the tentacles and the spines and all that. Oh my god, I am kicking so much ass it isn't even funny. How many giant squids can say they shoot LASERS? And I sure as shit don't know anyone else (let alone giant mecha fearless spine laser squids) who have a metal tripod to ride on.

Aww yeah. I rock.

Anyway, so I'm in period five block period computer art right now with nothing to do but sit here with nothing to do as I try not to fall asleep right here at the desk. Oooh golly I'm tired. But everything else is pretty good. I have work this afternoon and I'm not really looking forward to it because work... kinda blows.

I'm very excited because tomorrow I'm-a goin' emo hunting at urban outfitters. With a net and a tazer and some morphine. I'm aimin' to bag me one and it's gonna be a pretty one, too. Stweve's going with me. I'm gonna get him a pair of jeans.

I give you... my dog.

Monday, September 08, 2003

I just loaded some more pictures off of my phone...

Is anyone else noticing a pattern?
Ladies and gentlemen... I give you Joanna.

Joanna, ladies and gentlemen.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Why the hell does everyone assign so much homework when there's a little thing called sleep? Rawr.

Bought the Blue Submarine No. 6 Special Edition DVD today. It so pwetty. Then Stweve and I had a retard party in my bathroom. Here are the results...

Lovely, frightening, and erotic. Yes, I know. Stweve is playing the role of Harry Carey, by the way. God bless you, Will Ferrel. My hair is courtesy of my little sister.

I'm going to try to post in my journal a lot more often even though no one really reads it. I promise.

My tip of the day to everyone: Download "Ray of Sunshine" by Wham!. I've been listening to it all day and I do believe I like it.

And now I give you... CUTE EMO BOY!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I just danced around my room to Nikki Cleary's rendition of "Walking on Sunshine" and various Justin Timberlake and S Club 7 songs for a whole forty minutes. I ought to do that sort of thing more often.

Although short on funds, I decided to "fuck it all to hell" and buy the Futurama season one box set. After watching only half an episode, I almost cried because I forgot how much I love that show. And because I love to brag about stupid crap, I decided to see if I could dig up the only moment of glory I've ever had. GET READY, KIDDIES!! HERE COMES A HEAPING PILE OF FLAMING GLORIOUS SHIT!! STRAIGHT FOR YOUR FACE!!

Question Satsuka: Do you plan on merchandising "Futurama"? I want action figures!!!
Matt_G There are many merchandising plans in the works, but sadly, no action figures.
Matt_G No. . . for you, we'll do action figures.
Matt_G (Smile)

That was from a live chat with Matt Groening the day Futurama premiered, I think. I was so happy I just about peed myself silly. So now everyone has me to thank for Futurama action figures.