Monday, February 28, 2005

Nothing quite like leftover pizza and a beer at quarter to three in the morning. This pizza is seriously so delicious that I think I could die.

Another year of Oscars, and tonight's ceremony was fairly disappointing on a vague level. The Incredibles won best animated feature though, and when it comes down to it, I suppose that's all I really cared about in the first place.

Maybe I should watch Robot Chicken so that all the people who keep asking me my opinion of it can finally be satiated with an answer. If I haven't already missed it, though. Fuck. I'm waiting for my sheets to dry.

I wish I had something more interesting to talk about, but I don't.

Koji's tomorrow with Charles. Fuck yeah.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Wait, what am I even talking about!!!!! Something interesting DID happen this weekend and my uterus is causing me so much distress that I completely forgot!!

Charles and I went to the premiere of the Animation Show Year Two in Santa Monica, but after we bought tickets we went to the Third Street Promenade, and Matthew Lesko was sitting in the Coffee Bean on a laptop, wearing his green riddler suit and everything. Then, the movie geek from Comedy Central's "Beat the Geeks" was tearing tickets and sweeping the lobby in the theater, and FINALLY, I got to shake Don Hertzfeldt's hand and personally tell him that he's a genius and my hero for all time.

Don's new short is nothing short of scrumtrilescent. Go see the Animation Show if you can.

Forgive me for forgetting our most glorious Friday of D/E-List celebrity sightings, Charles.

There was a lot of "for"s in that last sentence.
Hear what Erin has to say about Keanu Reeves' latest supernatural special effects vampire demon-killing battle between heaven and hell bonanza "Constantine":

"A sharp stick in the eye would have taken about five hours less of my time and been just the slightest bit less painful than watching that movie."

That pretty much sums it up right there. Worst movie I've seen in a long time. I can't even recommend this monstrous excuse for a "cinematic film" to someone who is in desperate need of a good laugh. Keanu can't even act a cough. Awful. Simply awful. This movie is like a crime to humanity.

That being said, the Spongebob movie is being released out of NOWHERE a week from today. YES!!!! Fastest theater-to-DVD transfer ever.

Let it be known and sing it from the mountain tops: I love buffalo wings.

I would like to say that I saw something really interesting happen this weekend, like a hot woman dating a midget or a blue cat running into a window. But nothing like that happened.

This can sum up my mood right now:

ErinZ (12:48:53 AM): we should all hang out with a big group of people this weekend.
ErinZ (12:49:02 AM): have a ho-down or something
ErinZ (12:49:06 AM): square dancing
ErinZ (12:49:20 AM): black gold
ErinZ (12:49:23 AM): texas tea
ErinZ (12:49:45 AM): i don't even know what i mean anymore.


Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Birthday Blake (officially)!

LA Adventure Weekend: Success.

And much fun was had! Bagels were eaten! Guitars were rocked on! Fruit cups were enjoyed! Hobos were witnessed! I missed you, Blake!

Now it's back to reality and work. Oosh! But... this weekend...



Friday, February 11, 2005

Los Angeles adventure weekend and it has only just begun.

ErinZ (3:14:42 PM): his name is esteban
Mollie (3:14:54 PM): hee
Mollie (3:14:56 PM): esteban?
ErinZ (3:15:03 PM): my fiery latino lover
Mollie (3:15:19 PM): ah
ErinZ (3:15:20 PM): he comes and serenades me below my window with his spanish guitar, sans a shirt
Mollie (3:15:21 PM): i sseeee
Mollie (3:15:28 PM): *hoots*
ErinZ (3:15:47 PM): he has long, flowing black hair and he whispers sweet nothings to me in his native tongue
ErinZ (3:17:24 PM): i'll never love white men again

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The week started out crappy but quickly took a turn for the awesome when I finally resolved something that has been brooding within me for the past ten years. Having acknowledgement of one's freedom is an excellent thing, and I recommend that everyone ponders that for at least ten minutes every day.

Other than that, rather uneventful. The highlights of my recent days seem to come only when I get my "word of the day" in my inbox. Why? Because I'm a vocab-loving poindexter.

I occasionally read through entries from previous months, often to amuse myself through myself, but mostly out of boredom. Some of these spiels are so embarrassing that I am amazed I didn't purge the entire blog multiple times. To think, there are people who have the ability to go back in my life and read an idiotic rant from two years ago. Two years ago! I had slightly more intelligence than a drooling mollusc with glasses back then, and somehow I have set myself up so that any person who has access to the internet can go back and revisit Erin's days of yore. This actually frightens me. In about two years, I'm sure I'll write this same paragraph about the same subject about this paragraph that I'm writing right now.

I also wonder how entertaining I could possibly be when it seems that every three entires, I'm either bitching about being hungry or having a load of homework (mostly the former, though). I guess everyone knows what my priorities in life are, now. (Although anyone who spends more than an hour's worth of time with me knows that keeping me fed is the easiest way to maintain a pleasant Erin.)

No, that was not an indirect request to have any of you buy me food.

Except for Charles, maybe.


Charles, I owe you my soul.

Time for me to go draw caricatures of Conan O'Brien. All this typing about being hungry is making me hungry.


There I go again.