Monday, January 28, 2008


It's been forever and I miss you, blog! So much has been happening! I have art!

I have this quasi-character of a train robber chick because I am a big nerd who likes old western train robbery. Plus you can totally see her bra.

Okay, the other night Adam was putting lemons in our disposal and this is what it looked like. Our disposal literally shakes the entire sink and some of the kitchen when we turn it on, which leads me to believe a devious little beast followed us home from the magic forest and made its home in our sink. This is what he looks like. Every time I draw Adam it turns out more awesome (except for his crab claw hand, there).The first color thing I've done in forever and I KNOW THE LIGHTING IS WRONG I AM FIXING thank you. Jesus christ I need to finish this thing.

Okay, Cloverfield. Adam and I went to see this movie. My little sister, who is scared by absolutely everything, tells me that it's fantastic and she'd totally see it again. I think, "Wow, if Taylor can handle it, it mustn't be too bad."

I was wrong.

This movie horrified me and I had to leave. I actually had to leave the picture. Apparently I left before any of the crazier shit happened, and for anyone who already saw it, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm an enormous wuss. What the fuck, JJ Abrams. Way to make me scared forever of a sudden terrifying monster attack by God knows the fuck what.

In happier news I am rocking Pokemon Diamond. Five hundred pokemon are way too many in my opinion but I'll do my best with it I guess. OMG friend me so we can trade.

More soon? Isn't there always?