Tuesday, February 24, 2004

i freaking hate scholarships. i know i have to get them all done but i hate them SO MUCH that i just don't even want to bother. i am lazy. bloor.

if you were my boyfriend and you just so happened to love cheesecake, i made this and would have given it to you:

but i don't have a boyfriend and probably won't ever so i ate the cheesecake all by myself.

for the records:

largest chocolate strawberry i have ever seen. it is .37 pounds and is worth $6.99. and i dipped it!! ha!! oh god i need a life

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

so i've been watching the lion king maybe three times a day ever since i read doug tennapel's little review on it. it really IS good and very well written. i like to sit around like a complete dork and analyze it all and point out which parts of the movie are which of the major stages of the traditional hero's journey. i feel so smart when i do that. also, it's nice to think there was a time when disney could make a quality movie and have characters say words like "kill" and there wouldn't be a herd of overprotective soccer moms burning down buildings and eating people alive while they hide their children in locked boxes. "morning report" is an atrocity.

sick sick sick once again. loads of mucus. can't seem to draw anymore. just sketch a bunch of retarded faces and attempting to make something complete. it's not working!! arrrghh!!! i no finish art in months!!

animation show coming to my hometown... steve and i are swollen with pride and very excited. posting flyers is going to be the highlight of my life. i can't wait to see it ten times and then some. I EAT MY EYEBALLS IN PLEASURE

i want to go to the zoo and draw animals.

scar is effeminate and scary.

yay zombies

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

check THIS out.

that, ladies and gentlemen, is adam levine. he looks like the unholy fusion of kyan douglas and seth green. his music also sounds like jamiroquai and matchbox twenty had a baby. did i not tell you that maroon 5 is amazing?

winter formal this weekend and i excited. lots of dancing going to happen, but that is if i can avoid the recent bout of pink eye my sister has so conveniently developed. grand.

new haircut too. my follicles are brimming with spray-in wax and pomade/wax and hairspray and four different kinds of straightener. it doesn't feel to pretty but it sure can kick your ass sideways. it sticks up so i have an ├╝ber-psuedo-faux-hawk thing happening. i don't know if it's really that cool or i look like some sort of vegetable bird. i like it though. i think that's what matters.

critic on dvd is now mine to have and hold. it is the good one. best buy can make me angry. i almost thought i ran out of coolant today. and also, i wrote a poem. i don't know if it's finished yet but here it is so far:

Rectal bleeding
I have no phone calls
Heavens to Betsy
Spark plug!

Meat chilling in the cooler
The answer is "green"
Put it behind your legs.
Warm Susan Summers night

Sean Penn frightens me
Elegance to the touch
Raspberry jam pie
Turn around

Sandbag Sunrise
Towering walrus monument
Chicken in a trash can
Take off one sock

Monday, February 02, 2004

rain rain rain rain rain rain rain.

maroon 5 is my new favoritest band in the universe and the lead singer is hot as hell. their video would suck if he wasn't so hot and rolling around in sand the whole time while being so hot.

stuff happened. that's all i'll say.

e out