Sunday, October 31, 2004

for all of you who didn't understand why the last post was such a big deal... it's because the fantastic mr. fox was like, my absolute favorite book when i was little and i must've read it about one-thousand eight-hundred twenty-two times. serious. i am way excited about seeing that movie, so long as it's actually done well.

another uneventful weekend, but my first weekend of unemployment since last april. sleeping in on a sunday for once was very nice, especially after a night finishing off a bottle of alizé and doing color theory homework with steve.

who the hell knew it was daylight savings? i thought i was going crazy when i kept seeing different times around the house.

halloweens on sundays blow hardcore. i remember back in jersey, the whole town used to reschedule trick-or-treating for a more convenient night lest the holiday fell on a wednesday or something ridiculous like that. even if it rained, halloween was cancelled until the next weekend. i was thinking about that... the organization to pull something like that off is really amazing. but it really just made so much more sense.

i'm hoping to post a lot of pictures up here soon... of my costume, my art, and my latest work from my figure drawing workshop, which is without a doubt some of the best work i've done to date. hooray for learning!

another halloween came and went. they seem to be approaching faster and faster these days.

i'm sure by now everyone is expecting my weekly venture bros comment, so here it is:

what the fuck.

this episode made me cry. not just because of the shocking ending (wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet) but because it was the last episode of the season, excluding the christmas episode that will undoubtedly air later this year. i really hope to god the show gets picked up for another season. i have theories about the characters and i would love to see how astute i am. please, please please... thirteen more episodes.


and now for some more color theory homework.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Headline News

i find it astounding that even when i have an essay to write about whether the desire to transcend human nature is part of human nature or not, i still manage to screw around and then pull a halloween costume out of thin air at the last minute. this year's theme: sexy pirate. once again i have found a little boy's costume to wear that eerily fits my body. and for reasons i cannot comprehend, an eyepatch does look somewhat fetching on me. we'll see how it all goes tomorrow when i will probably be the only person to show up to school in costume. and then promptly freeze my ass off for the second halloween in a row.

my feet are so cold!!

huzzah! i can't believe i actually have IDEAS for this essay.

"police? there's a man in a butterfly suit trying to shoot my robot with a laser beam!"

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

tim: that's amazing. what's the future like? is there dancing?

i'm wearing a furry scarf/shirt, a tank top, a turtleneck, a jacket, a poncho, and gloves. is that enough rain preparation for you??

i only have one class this morning... 2-d. it promises to be nothing short of positively boring.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

forgot to mention all the astronaut ice cream i bought. yess! science museums rock.

donk: not even!! it's all about the mexican restaurant next to thunder mountain. blue bayou is like, eighty dollars for half a porkchop!!
what a day, what a day.

but a fantastic day.

woke up early in the morn and ventured (hee) with steve up to bodyworlds. you know, the thing with the dead people who have been perfectly preserved but have all their flesh ripped off (see yesterday's post). it was amazing to say the least. i couldn't, for the life of me, look at the bodies and think for a second that they were once living breathing human beings. it was just impossible. but very cool. the runner with the muscles peeling back from his bones was my personal show-stopper. inbetween and after the exhibit steve and i ran around and played with the random hands-on science displays. a lot of "wow"ing happened.

just as we were about to leave the science museum to do god knows what, lance asked if anyone wanted to go to LACMA (LA county museum of art). our answer: hell yes! off we went, but got really lost in the process, and for some reason we asked a homeless woman pushing a shopping cart filled with empty bottles for directions. in an all-knowing fashion, she told us to go all the way up the street we were on, when in fact our destination was about thirty miles in the opposite direction. we still made it, though, and had plenty of time to spare once we got into the museum. let me tell you, lance is like some sort of magical non-stop wealth of information that spews out facts at an astonishing rate. i spent hours learning and appreciating so many things that i never even would have thought about before. we ate some horrible food in the cafeteria, debated about tattoos in the car, and got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. and then i had a wicked migraine.

today was so utterly fulfilling on many levels. i learned an incredible amount of information in one day and i didn't even have to miss class to do it. i love the fact that now i can focus on my art and nothing else has to get in the way. i can spend a whole day in multiple museums with a small group of awesome people and feel like i've just won the lottery.

here comes da rain!!

Monday, October 25, 2004

i haven't written in like, two days!! oh my. fear not everybody, i am not dead.

actually, i'm just on my fifteen minute break from my figure drawing class. i love figure drawing so damn much. ahhh... bliss.

fuck grayscales. fuck them right in the ear. i was up until two in the morning mixing an eleven-step grayscale out of paint. i wanted to shoot myself. grrrrrr.

why are disneyland annual passes so expensive, and yet only the most pricey ones allow you to go on saturdays? so retarded. the cheapest one has basically the entire months of july and august blacked out. that's not an annual pass, damnit! that's like... an annual pass minus two. maybe three or four if you count all the other blackout days together. yeah. a two-thirds annual pass, or as i would like to call it, a bullshit pass.

i still want one though.

my figure drawing workshop on saturdays is the best six hours of my week. i wish it was every saturday for the rest of my life.

venture bros was depressing this weekend. the intro was probably the coolest animated bit i've seen in the show thus far, though. i am so freaking sad that the monarch and dr. girlfriend aren't together anymore. if anyone reads this thing even once every few weeks, they know that the couple was my favorite. but then again, everything in that show is my favorite. favorite everything. oh yes.

tomorrow is entire-campus-fieldtrip day. no class. steve and i are off to see bodyworlds, which is basically an exhibit of over two-hundred real human bodies preserved perfectly, only with their flesh torn off and their underneaths showing. i can't wait.

i'll probably write more later. but now, back to class...

Saturday, October 23, 2004


on october 22, 11:45 PM pacific standard time, this was born. the first hand-drawn animated anything i've ever made. my baby. he may not have arms but i couldn't be happier. i cried. steve is the godfather.

happiest day of my life.

Friday, October 22, 2004

everyone wish me luck. i just sketched out my first walk cycle and i have no idea if it will actually work or not. let's scan it and find out...

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

the latest in my ongoing obsessive madness.
i almost crapped myself last night as i was getting into bed because i found a whole bundle of storyboard art on the website of the guy who does storyboarding for the venture bros. since lately i was thinking of just how brutally i would murder someone to get my hands on character model sheets from the show, i was very excited to see these sketchy and authentic storyboard panels. now i can do nerdy things like count how many heads tall doctor girlfriend is. when i do things like that the people in my class stare at me funny. is it so wrong that i love to draw these characters? don't look at me like that.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

and a look at things to come...

as promised! i hate the way the black lines turned out on these. i'm never using pencil for outlining ever again.
my final project looks like twice baked ass on a hot sunday.
i just realized that i think the whole reason why i write in my journal five times more than any person i've ever heard of is because i am a lonely son of a bitch and writing everything out is like having a conversation with myself and anyone who just might be passing by. does that make any sense at all? fucking advil cold and sinus.
more journal writing. i feel really sick.

ever have one of those dreams where you're in love or making out with someone you know? and it'll be completely realistic and then when you wake up the next morning you're like... damn. it was all a dream. and then for the rest of the day you feel sort of like "aww" every time you think about it.

and don't ask me who was in the dream. i don't kiss and tell.
i just ate half a pint of cafe mocha gelato and my final is nowhere near being finished yet. somebody please save me.

i need a hero...

Monday, October 18, 2004

holy crap, looky dat! comments.

i'm not sure how i should go about replying to them, because i don't think there's any sort of notification system to let anyone know that i'm replying to them, since everyone has to post as the menacing "ANONYMOUS". i don't know. i'll reply to some people right here first, you guys tell me what's better.

donk: i knew you would like this comment feature. and thanks for wishing my cold away.

blake: go to hell he shall. and shut up already. you're too cool for words and i can't wait until we get to see dead bodies stripped of their flesh and movies and eat shabu shabu and all other wonderful experiences in life.

tim: i think i can say that you're the only person from australia i've ever had contact with in some shape or form. i have no idea who you are but that's okay because you're wicked awesome for reading my constant spewing of thought. i'm so going to read the crap out of your journal as soon as i can. i'm also really truly sorry that you can't get venture bros or electricity or nice things over there. but you have chocolate milk, right? at least that's something.

how's that?

shoot me. i've been working on my final for the past four hours and it's not even half finished yet.
UNGH. bite me. or don't.

you can now leave me comments right here on the journal, so there's no reason to email me anymore with your commentary. this is much more convenient, although to leave a comment you have to click on the time at the bottom of the entry, and select "post new comment". i'm sure you'll get the hang of it. start leavin' me comments, damnit! i did this for you!

fuck my final is due tomorrow. i am not liking this. today it rained some and i wore two shirts, a jacket, a hat and a scarf. i bundled myself right up. it was my 1UP hat though so it was rockin. it's good to wear in case i, you know, lose a life. i just tap the hat and boop! 1UP!

something slightly less nasty than a nasty cold has manifested in my skull and has taken a particular fondness to my left nostril. now i am groggy and somewhat perturbed. bleh.

okay so wow, there is such a thing as that makes me happier than you would believe. every day i only realize how i love venture bros more and more. and i'm sure the five people who read this know this fact better than anyone because a) every entry i write has something about the awesomeness of venture bros in it and b) the five people who read this thing talk to me on an almost daily basis and now 50% of my conversation topics have something to do with the venture bros.

today i made a page of venture bros fanart. what a surprise. i'm drawing everyone's head because i feel like it. i've never drawn dr. orpheus before today and i must say that he is more fun to draw than a whole barrel of fun things to draw just waiting to be drawn. i drew a shitty brock face for the first time and probably the first decent picture of hank i've ever made. i am proud to say that i can draw dean fairly decently now. also i want to be dr. girlfriend when i grow up. yippee. i'll post all these drawings later for the world to see.

i'm hungry.

high score!

"those were sleeping bags!"

Sunday, October 17, 2004

team america was fucking amazing. cheers to trey parker and matt stone for being complete geniuses.

my movie experience may have been a bit more enjoyable were it not for some blundering idiot sitting to my left. he was one of those "I AM GOING TO LAUGH OBNOXIOUSLY AT EVERYTHING AND TALK REALLY LOUD, REITERATING EVERY SINGLE THING THAT IS HAPPENING ONSCREEN THE MOMENT IT HAPPENS". for example. an explosion happens and a bunch of dead puppets are floating in water. the guy says, "OOOKAY, WE GET IT, THEY SUNK!!!" at times, the man even looked over at ME to make a comment regarding the film. i wanted to kill him in the most appropriate manner possible, which would clearly be me recording his assinine comments and raucous laughter, sitting the man alone in a room, and then play his own stupidity back at him at a volume so intense that it would tear the flesh from his body, make his eardrums burst and his brain rupture all at once.

idiots aside, great company for the evening. blake managed to brave traffic and we partook in a fine meal at a very interesting denny's. then it rained like a bitch. and then i went to sleep.

venture brothers is always awesome. what more can i say.

i'm thinking about quitting today.

i have the coolest cowlick in my hair EVER.

america. fuck yeah.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

one of my best friends/coolest person in the universe is going steady with like the most gorgeous female specimen i've ever seen in my entire life. this is what i had to say about it

ErinZ (12:51:44 AM): fuck, i'm so happy for you. i just want to watch you guys frolic in a meadow or something.
Brando (12:52:17 AM): (LAUGHS)
Brando (12:52:20 AM): We'd do it, too.
when i talk to someone for almost two hours about how excited i am about my art and animation, i get sort of dizzy and tired. crying a whole lot doesn't help much either.

and why was i crying, you ask? watched farenheit 9/11 tonight. i swear to you i've never cried so much in a movie before. not even in dragonheart. i cried for the innocent iraqis, i cried for the american families. i cried for how unfair it is that our government is what it has become. i'm rushing out to get my voter registration tomorrow since i only have like, one day left to do it.

tomorrow promises to be fun. team america. yoop!

monkeys are so amazingly interesting.

Friday, October 15, 2004

ErinZ (12:28:46 AM): wahoo! i'm so friggin' tired.
Blake (12:29:04 AM): Yeah. Its about bed time for the blake.
ErinZ (12:29:21 AM): damnit. i shouldn't have suggested such a thing.
Blake (12:29:36 AM): ?
ErinZ (12:30:25 AM): sleeping. because i can't do it quite yet and now you're going to tromp off to snoozy land and leave me here writing about my in-depth conversation with an old canvas stand.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

i'm feeling somewhat productive tonight.

let's see how long that lasts.
i am so sick of having a job. i couldn't make it into work today and failed to find a replacement worker for my shift, so i have consequentially been issued a "written warning". thing is, the store literally closes in a week and a half. somebody else back me up on how completely retarded that is.

the most unappealing thing i could think of doing right now is going to the car to lug fifty pounds of art crap back into the house after just having taken a nice long shower. sadly, it's looking like i'm going to have to do just this.

i ate a whole half of a pizza today.

PowerPuff Girls Doujinshi Updated Sundays

okay, this guy draws like every character from every major action cartoon betwixt nick and cartoon network and then smushes them together in one huge nerd comic. normally something like this would disgust me, but i can't help but be intrigued by how adorable it is.

doi, the guy with the stick is samurai jack.
cartoon_character_chart_by_bleedman.jpg 2100x915 pixels

that has got to be the most adorable thing i've ever seen. they even wedged jenny from my life as a teenage robot in there. sweet jesus, even though atomic betty sucks as a show, that drawing is so damn cute. monkey rocks my ass. mandy looks so wicked. jesus christ megas and danny phantom fading away is so cool. i also just realized that the little girl in the green dress is from johnny bravo. i still can't figure out who the guy with the stick is, or the gal with the lollipop. i hate the person who drew this. god bless huge megaman feet.

i have never actually done perspective homework at home and i don't think i ever will.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

quotes of the moment thus far:

"she was black so i thought it was cool."

"it doesn't have a fuckin'... shit."
happy ren & stimpy and invader zim volume 3 dvd day! and you thought your life was complete.

buy ren & stimpy now. relive the magic.

where she goes...

... nobody knows.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

nevermind. the damn thing gets to 99% on file verification and then it starts redownloading itself. i knew it was too good to be true.

region 2 dvds should burn in hell.
part one of my shaun of the dead download, a download that has been in progress for over a week, is three minutes away from being done. let's pray that this works.
i really need a digital camera.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

a whole new world is so totally the most romantic and beautiful song i've ever heard in my life. try to tell me otherwise and i will tell you to suck a fat one.
lordy lordy.

today i bought a "high score" yellow star mario wristband to compliment my "1up" one. i also made a friend at the video game store since i was probably the only female to walk in there who didn't have a child.

also bought leather camoflage gloves from banana republic. i'm going to put them on and punch everyone i see right in their asses. they are that cool.

in my dream last night, the saturday figure drawing class i signed up for wasn't really a figure drawing class at all. it was a GOLF class. apparently the person who became the best golfer by the end of the classes got to take the figure drawing course. the golfing was all a test, and lance (the other perspective teacher whose class i always hang out in) was wearing the goofiest golf outfit, hat with the puff ball on top and all. i might tell him about that next time i see him.

this was probably the most boring weekend of recent recollection. i'm not really angry about it, though.

"give oog clamdigger!"
Good Chi Uncle (12:48:32 PM): Hello simpleton brother...what brings you to this knick of the woods?
Dark Chi Uncle (12:49:00 PM): i have come to do battle with you, good brother
Dark Chi Uncle (12:49:36 PM): GOO GAH FAI SHI SHOW

this is a conversation i had with my sister. if you get what this is parodying, then you are a good nerd and my friend.

uneventful weekend. drove around with steve for a few hours last night, talking about what we're looking for in a man. or what I'M looking for in a man and what he looks for in a woman. or... yeah, that's it. steve is all for the ladies, ladies!!

aladdin is such an awesome movie. al hirschfeld is my new hero. alan menken makes magic with instruments.

"a walk through a park with genitals for trees."

Friday, October 08, 2004

and here comes the apology for anyone who experienced my intoxication retardation last night. i can assure you that it will happen again in the future.

had the best sleep of my life last night, though! woke up fresh and headache free. had a substitute in perspective, so once again i ditched to hang about in the other perspective room. and then, i carved into plaster for four hours. surprisingly, it was not as excrutiating as i thought it would be. also signed up for a big fat three week saturday figure drawing class. yaaaaaaaayyyyeee!!

once again, neal offers to drive me home, which turns into "hmm, let's get some food" which turns into "wait, i need to run this important errand" which turns into "hey, let me see what dvds you got there" which turns into "sit around and talk about the meaning of life". five hours later, i realize that i want to sleep but i have to revise a paper about how steve and i became best friends with dracula at universal studios. naturally, this never really happened so revising a paper i wrote up in twenty minutes in an exhausted frenzy is going to be difficult. once again though, losing the sleep is completely worth the company and time spent talking to other people.

i had such a great day today and i even jogged down the street a half hour ago. invigorating!

oh my god, you're crazy! they are so obviously mammals!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

i feel like i'm going to die and i can't stop peeing!!!
i'm sorry ladies and gentlemen, but i am



Tuesday, October 05, 2004


now, this one is a toughie. the part of me that tends to crinkle my nose at dreamworks' animated films wants to, but then again i'm kind of liking the way this looks so far. it has a keen style to it. i really like the way the lion looks. his paws move cool.

school was mostly uneventful. ended up spending a majority of the time after school with new friend neal. we ate assloads of thai food, walked around the grocery store and looked at books. see, that don't SOUND like a hoot, but under these circumstances, it most definitely was. neal is some sort of climby thing what likes to skitter up walls and hang upside down on large metal beams. i took pictures, i did.

i swear to god, the headline "beyonce tears leg muscle while dancing" has been in my aim news ticker for five days now. i've never seen a headline up on that thing for that long, especially something so ludicrously inane.

you didn't see anything...

Monday, October 04, 2004

buzzzzzzzed on alize and rum and coke!! why?? because i felt like it. yarr.

new bank card came today! and get this... it's gold! they upgraded me for no good goddamn reason. but who cares, because now i get to feel slightly more important than i did with my former card. yee!

must... start... still life...!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

i don't know why the hell i never looked into it more, but now that i have, queen is my new favorite band. i can't stop downloading all i can and loving every second of what i hear. best. lyrics. ever.

i really don't want to go to work.
ever plan to go to knott's scary farm, have the plan totally fail, take a nap, and then drive up to hollywood to wander the streets, be oggled at, and then have an egg thrown at your boot? because i did tonight.

steve and i had a great time mingling round the streets of hollywood this evening. there were all these people saying "hello" to me and i was frightened. we ate loads of baja fresh and even got to see some incredibles maquettes in the el capitan theater. good stuff, good stuff! i yelled at the klasky csupo building, and pointed at william shatner's star. then, as mentioned beforehand, we were walking round a corner and someone started throwing eggs out of their car, and hit me right in the heel of my new fuzzy yeti ass-kicking boots. i was slightly upset and spent the following twenty minutes trying to get the egg out. not much harm done, though. at least i wasn't the guy who got hit in the HEAD by the egg. now that woulda pissed me off right good. we also spent most of the evening singing "white lines".

on the way home, we saw a billboard for soy sauce, advertising to call 1-800-FREESOY for some samples, or something. so i pick up my phone and call. now i have a coupon for a free soy sauce bottle headed to my house.

be warned, shaun of the dead is ten times better the second time round.