Wednesday, April 07, 2004

just thought i'd pop in for a bit to write before i jump into bed.

things have been busy busy busy lately, but thankfully now scholarships and all college miseries are done with. now erin can rela-- wait, no! schoolwork! tests! recent loss of a job! life is fun.

the days are much longer now. soon the sunsets will be at one o'clock in the morning. i dread this. i like the night.

it is also very cold at night. i try my best to keep warm in my bed despite having dreams where i'm disguised in a kkk outfit and being lit on fire, all while i decide which shoes would be best to put on in order to escape unnoticed. then conan o'brien was in a jack in the box in la. what next?

last night's installment of insanity was having a box about half of the size with my car apparently filled with the entire series of hellboy. i tried to figure out how the hell i was going to fit the huge box in my car for the roadtrip i was going on, even though i had arbitrarily sprouted wings and had no need for a car anyway. i just sort of hovered about and pondered the box dilemma.

i was talking about a dream, in case anyone didn't get it. because i know if i read that last paragraph offhand, i wouldn't have understood it either.

sleepy sleepy sleepums...