Monday, December 29, 2003

so christmas came and went before i even got the chance to turn around and go "whuh?" and realize that it happened. but all and all it was good. there is so much i could talk about right now that i've forgotten it all, but i do have a massive amount of pictures of some of the highlights of christmas break 2003 thus far. take a look... there are a lot.

claire and her iced tea. but wait... take a closer look...

reeses brand ice tea! chocolate peanut butter... yum

the underlying messages in malls supporting the use of pesticides...

once again the japanese flaunt their amazing engrish skillz

the magazine that helps your cat cope with his obesity

asse, anyone?

i bought this stuff. it's actually pretty damn good.

fish screams for help!

here's a good one. the other day andrea and i went out and got some food at this place called heidelberg's. i ordered this immense croissant stuffed with ham, cheese, and scrambled eggs. i ate it in a nearby parking lot, and the entire time i kept saying "aw man, i really should have got a fork and some napkins while i was there" because every second that went by the croissant would reach a new height of gooey insane mess. I NEED A FORK, WHY DIDN'T I GET A FORK i screamed. i eventually reached a point of enough and stopped eating the thing because it was such a mess and i just felt dirty. as i put the food back into the bag to be thrown away... i notice something. a small bag. "what's this?" i say. i reach inside and see.... a fork. and a knife. and napkins. i yelled.

that is enough for now, i think.

Monday, December 22, 2003

i hate accounts. haaaate.

first off, the entire community on the site littered by ten to twelve years olds with the drawing power of god bestowed in their little prepubescent fingers. not to mention they claim to love kubrick and scorsese films. TWELVE YEARS OLD, WATCHING KUBRICK FILMS. what the hell was i doing when i was that age? i'll tell you. i was probably sitting the middle of a room, drooling all over myself while i drew stick figure bunnies with my feet. what the hell!?

well, okay. i don't HATE because of the emergence of da vinci-esque youth. and i don't really hate the young artists either. i am just jealous and amazed and stupified and angry. but that's all. the REAL reason why i hate is because so many people use it to put their art online, yet it loads slower than frozen molasses and the whole thing is just a very ugly and complex system which makes me have to force quit my browser whenever i click on someone's gallery. mah.

that was such a nerdy paragraph.

i saw the final chapter of Lord of the Rings last night when i sat down at eleven thirty in the theater. my god, it was incredible. i don't think i need to say much beyond that, because everyone who saw it knows what i'm talking about. jesus. freaking. christ. i don't think i've ever been so wide-eyed and thinking to myself, "OH SHIT OOOOHHHH FUCK THAT'S COOL!!!" more times in any other movie i've ever seen, except maybe for kill bill. but wow. the whole thing was the perfect and most fantastic ending to a trilogy of nothing but goodness!!!! and also i'm in love sam. i don't know why but he was so my favorite. every time he cried, i cried (which was about half of the film). i don't like it when sam hurts. mwaaawwww!!

christmas is drawing nigh and it doesn't even feel like it, especially when it's seventy degrees outside. what the fuck is that. i have no idea.

i wanted to do pictures but i can't seem to upload anything right now. i will have them later, then...

Saturday, December 13, 2003

last night i had a dream where i was committed into an insane asylum that was more like some sort of bizarre summer camp. part of it looked like my school and some sort of military base. there was a huge alien spaceship there, too. my english teacher was there yelling at people and he was telling us about how we were supposed to stay in this certain room and watch a movie. suddenly a friend of mine came up to me and told me that the zombie aliens needed their brains back, and the only way to do it was to find the king alien and jab my thumb underneath his chin and kill him, while at the same time popping out his brain. i told my friend that i wasn't sure about his plan, when i saw a box of weird pills. we put water on the pills, and they transformed into giant red/purple brains that littered the ground everywhere. and there was this weird alien corpse on the ground. my english teacher got upset about "the brains being released". the whole dream i was constantly concerned that i wasn't going to make it to work on time the next day, since i was committed and all. i spent a good deal of time on the phone calling my work and my mom, asking if she could break me out so i could get to the chocolate factory the next day.

i thought about it and figured out where certain parts of my dream came from:

• box - the box of unfinished nerve ending from "My Life As A Teenage Robot"
• alien corpse - dead alien from a video game at a friend's house
• military base - base from the aforementioned video game
• spaceship - Nergil's ship from yesterday's episode of "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy"
• pills - watched some friends play "Dr. Mario" yesterday
• insane asylum/movie/english teacher - recently watched "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" in english class

kinda interesting how you can piece a dream together like that. maybe they really don't have meaning. maybe dreams are just jumbled up shit that is buried in our psyche. eh. i don't feel like thinking about it much right now.

saturday night and there is so much to do, yet i'm doing nothing...

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

this just in:

well, it's official. i've listened to david cassidy's "i think i love you" more than a complete forty times in the past twenty four hours, and that's excluding how many times i listened to it on my ipod. i'm just going by itunes' count. the former record holder for most played song was barenaked ladies' "celebrity", with eighteen times over a period of like, three months. i don';t know what it is about this song but i cannot stop listening to it or loving it. it's sort of creepy. hmm!

more post-worthy chatting...

ErinZ (12:03:51 AM): doug was so dirty
ErinZ (12:04:03 AM): he was like twelve but bald
ErinZ (12:04:06 AM): how fucked up is that
Dre (12:04:11 AM): haha
ErinZ (12:04:28 AM): maybe he had cancer
ErinZ (12:04:33 AM): skeeter was definitely retarded
ErinZ (12:04:42 AM): and pattie mayonnaise was a whore and everyone knew it
ErinZ (12:05:11 AM): his neighbor was a child molester
ErinZ (12:05:34 AM): his sister was a thespian lesbian
ErinZ (12:05:50 AM): does no one see the dark undertones of this show

Monday, December 08, 2003

ErinZ (11:48:01 PM): smell is the weirdest sense
ErinZ (11:48:10 PM): sure there's sight, taste, touch
ErinZ (11:48:15 PM): but how the fuck to you explain smell
ErinZ (11:48:43 PM): a bunch of particles floating around that hit some fleshy flaps inside of cartilage and bone, somehow produces this thing called "smell"
Dre (11:48:46 PM): tell me about it
Dre (11:48:54 PM): too bad stevie wonder cant smell
ErinZ (11:49:08 PM): i was just thinking of how if we encountered beings that couldn't smell, how the hell would you explain what it's like to them
ErinZ (11:49:12 PM): seeing you can explain
ErinZ (11:49:16 PM): feeling you can explain
ErinZ (11:49:53 PM): smell just seems like it would be such a difficult thing to comprehend if you didn't know what it was
Dre (11:49:58 PM): this is true
ErinZ (11:50:14 PM): hmmmm
ErinZ (11:50:18 PM): i am very introspective tonight

and how!

Sunday, December 07, 2003

ErinZ (11:42:09 PM): everything in the last one felt too abrupt
ErinZ (11:42:21 PM): i feel like i still have one more movie to go
Stweve (11:42:49 PM): one more matrix movie?
ErinZ (11:43:02 PM): yeah
ErinZ (11:43:51 PM): and i don't like how much they dwelled on the new actress for the oracle
ErinZ (11:44:10 PM): if they were going to make such a big deal about her face changing, they should have made her change really drastically
Stweve (11:44:10 PM): i agree
ErinZ (11:44:20 PM): like a white jew or something
Stweve (11:44:30 PM): hahahaha
ErinZ (11:44:34 PM): i found myself trying to remember how the old actress looked different
ErinZ (11:44:50 PM): way too much explanation on that one
ErinZ (11:46:30 PM): it was like inadvertently saying, "the oracle's original actress died. okay? now we're gonna mention it three different times just to assure you that there is someone new playing her. just so you know. because the other one... she died. and now we're trying to make ammends for it. because she died. but don't worry, we're telling you why she looks different now in the matrix universe. it's going to be okay"
ErinZ (11:46:55 PM): the whole time i was just like JESUS FUCK I KNOW ALREADY
Stweve (11:47:19 PM): haha
time line = one of the worst movies ever

i don't know how i got pulled into it but i returned from seeing "timeline" several minutes ago and... wow. i mean..... WOW. it is HORRIBLE. if only we could go back in time to a time when paul walker didn't have an acting career. but the movie was horrible in a really funny way. i highly recommend you and your cohorts dash off to see it immediately. intoxicating substances will most likely enhance the experience as well. gooooo for it

also saw matrix revolutions tonight. while i didn't dislike it, i didn't love it either. i dunno. i stayed sort of neutral throughout the entire thing, not really sure about not being sure how to feel about it. the war in zion was amazing, though. and of course, so was the dragonball z-esque duel between neo and smith. neat stuff all around, although i still think the first one is the best. it just has more of a blue tint to it, which i think suits the matrix universe much better than the green tint they've used for the new films. does that make any sense at all? someone out there must know what i'm talking about.

jammed my fingers in a sliding case door at work. still hurts. also was forced to listen to phil collins for seven hours. REALLY not happy about that one.

hospitality night last night was awesome and believe it or not, nothing bad happened. walked around and saw lots of people, ate burgers and talked nerdy for a majority of the time. a good time to be had indeed

i got a double dose of lambert wilson tonight (the man who plays the merovingian AND some arbitrary french guy in timeline). the guy who played einon from dragonheart was in it too, but i think i was the only one who noticed.

more work tomorrow...

Thursday, December 04, 2003

this week has thus far been very emotionally eventful in ways i do not care to describe. i was wrong about eisner, it seems. apparently everyone is glad crazy ol' roy disney is off the team and will stop distracting everyone with his criticisms of the festering plague that has overtaken the company. oh well. keeping raping everyone up the ass and pissing on their dead grandmothers, michael! the world loves you for it.

tomorrow is friday and i still have no idea what's going on.

more pictures.

welcome to laguna beach high school, where even the coolest and best-dressed kids wear kilts

friend dodges improvisational bullet-time punch, neo-style

i ate a lemon square today and it made me so sick. i am suffering dearly for it now. i knew it looked funny but i still ate it and now ooogh. i am hungry but when i eat my insides writhe in agony. gah!!

not again!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

haven't written in awhile but life has been pretty awesome. michael eisner has been put in the "asshole of the universe" spotlight and he doesn't have many career options left ahead of him, i think. and also, rumor is that pixar may be opening their own 2-d animation studio. i just may have a future after all. pirates of the caribbean on dvd. i'll let pictures do the rest of the talking for now.

scary fat monster starfish from hell

something i drew on my arm

i'm not really sure what this is about but andrea took it. i am also not sure how the semi-fish eye lense effect was accomplished

a pile of pine needles i made with my feet

local coffee pub slave manages gyrating santa show while godzilla and honey bear stare with awe and arousal

i was gonna write more but it'll have to wait until later...