Wednesday, July 26, 2006


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh please who didn't know this like ten years ago.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Fanart from Gabe Swarr's "Mode7" (Click the title). I became aware of this comic after attending a panel at the Comic Con, where Mr. Swarr and Jon Gibson were talking about their pilot in development. Well, I instantly fell in love with the characters and the designs and I'm really looking forward to the potential of the whole thing becoming a show.

The comic's style is really loose and fun, reminding me that sometimes as an artist I take myself too goddamn seriously and I need to learn how to lighten up and have more fun when I draw, instead of staring at a blank page and going, "Okay, what I'm going to put down has to be really awesome looking because if it isn't really awesome it can't go into the portfolio and I'll never get a job and oh man I'll hate myself if it doesn't look totally amazing" I've been in a real dry period with my art and I feel like there is a creative simmer going on in my mind, and it's only a matter of time before I reach a boiling point and really start to get creative. Feeling paralyzed for no real reason when it comes to your craft is extremely frustrating. It's tough to explain but I feel like I should say something because I've been this way for a few years now.


Comic Con was ridiculous this year. I met Maxwell Atoms (Billy and Mandy creator), Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, a Ren & Stimpy co-creator, and... probably some other people but I forget. Also, I saw Lewis Black and he looked me straight in the eye. Hooray! Con aside, the Lewis Black thing would have made my month either way so it was just like a bonus bag on top of all the other cool stuff that was going on. Ate at Dick's Last Resort, took a train, and finally became a member of ASIFA. The Adult Swim panel was beyond unreal. The Moral Orel guys were drunk off their gourd and heckling absolutely everyone. Fantastic stuff, and I'm only sad that it's over for an entire year.

Also, Brandon flew out and we went to Disney.

Ow. Ow ow. I feel like something is stabbing me in the eyeball.

I think I should also mention that last night I witnessed the rowdiest game of miniature golf I've ever seen. Much happened and maybe I'll illustrate it sometime, but there was this brief exchange:

Nick: (singing) Tickle my crotch and call me Larry!
Jeff: No, I'm good.

That's all for now.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Life Requirement #1

Please click the title of this post and watch that pilot. It just might tickle your fancy, if your fancy desires to be tickled.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Okay, stop.

Hello, everyone? Jessica Simpson is not that hot. Really. I'm not saying she ISN'T hot, but she isn't as hot as you think she is. She looks like she got hit in the face by a crowbar. Her mouth is screwed up. Seriously, guys, find a classier lady to be obsessed with. It's getting depressing.

Meanwhile, life is crazy. I find myself blossoming into the career I have desired my entire life and it hasn't quite hit me yet. Maybe that's because I have no money. Once I have a few pesos... maybe it will become clear that I am livin' the dream.

Sorry about not keeping up on American Idol. This has been pointed out to me many times. "Erin, you did not keep up with American Idol in your blog". Well, shut it. Here's something; I WENT to American Idol. That's right. For Country Week. It was amazing. An experience like that can't be described in text. I sat in the front row. My Mum was on TV. You might've seen her and you never even knew. I mean, how awesome is that?

Speaking of awesome... VENTURE BROTHERS SEASON 2. It is beyond crazy because I think over the past few years I conditioned myself to just believing that there wasn't going to be any more episodes. Everything I love (animation-wise) gets brutally slain in a fit of executive decision and audience naieveté. Seeing the Venture family and The Monarch back in action is like I died and went to heaven. I'm still pinching myself... and that doesn't even begin to describe how much better my life is just because there is a season two.