Monday, May 21, 2007

I Am Complete

I got a frickin' digital camera about fifteen minutes ago. I've never had a camera before.


Saturday, May 19, 2007


I just scanned a bunch of unfinished drawings I've done recently and realized that ALL of them are of elves. Now, before you start accusing me of being one of "those people" who draw elves all the time, let me tell you something. My name is Erin Leigh Fusco. ELF. Now shut up. I'll draw as many elves as I damn well please.
Every year around May or so I get this hankering to draw some Zelda fanart.I've been drawing these two a lot lately.My short-lived Burning Crusade character.

More Britishosity

Two more things out of the UK that are impossibly delightful in ways I cannot accurately describe: Snuff Box and Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. You can see them all on YouTube, six episodes to each series. Snuff Box is pure wonderment and Darkplace is like something so utterly fantastic that my brain can't really handle it anymore. Both feature Matt Berry who is AWESOME.

Also, coming out of Glasgow (I think) is the Fratellis, who rule big-time. I'm way into their album.

Also again, Hot Fuzz! Jesus! Amazing movie and equally amazing soundtrack.

God, I think I should get paid for how much shit I plug on this blog. It seems to be all I do these days.

Also again also, you ever have a really good time with someone? And I don't just mean like, a good time. I mean a really good time. Where you kind of just think back to it, and go, "Damn... that was a hell of a good time."