Saturday, December 25, 2004

finals are over! christmas vacation! a whole month off!! huzzah!! and a new car to boot.

so much has happened in a week, that it's kind of hard to recap it all. especially since i'm lazy. but charles and i did venture to los angeles twice in the past week, once around midnight to go to CANTER'S (the keenest jewish deli around, where matzo ball soup and lox were heartily enjoyed) and another time to spend the ENTIRE day up there visiting little tokyo, westwood, and gina's house. wowza! oh what fun it is.

speaking of fun, i still love driving. one might think that having their car being hit by a bus may intimidate them when getting back behind the wheel, but not me! no siree.

pool is a lovely game, and so is backgammon. i have a feeling i'll be indugling in both quite a bit over the next month. between that and whoring myself out for a disneyland pass, i should be quite busy!

merry christmas! i'll write more when i'm not hungry.

Friday, December 10, 2004

for years people have been telling me that i remind them of enid and that i would really love the movie ghost world.

well, they were completely right.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

homework/finals = absolute misery

ErinZ (12:03:45 AM): i think i found my true calling in life
Neal (12:04:49 AM): whats that
ErinZ (12:04:58 AM): i want to be a detective
Neal (12:05:10 AM): sweet
ErinZ (12:05:21 AM): i think that would be so wicked awesome
ErinZ (12:05:32 AM): i should go buy one of those junior detective kits
Neal (12:05:34 AM): like with a khaki trenchcoat magnifying glass and deer hat?
ErinZ (12:05:42 AM): shit yeah
Neal (12:07:12 AM): you would be an awsome detective
ErinZ (12:07:22 AM): oh my god it would rule
Neal (12:07:23 AM): or sky captin
Neal (12:07:34 AM): or sky captain detective
Neal (12:07:39 AM): woah
ErinZ (12:07:40 AM): i should be a sky captain pirate train robbing detective
Neal (12:07:44 AM): YES
Neal (12:07:52 AM): perfect

i can just see it now... being called up to solve a murder. showing up at the scene of the crime. dusting for fingerprints. putting clues in plastic baggies. hiding in people's bushes. making sophisticated ponderous facial expressions while i contemplate.

screw art school and perspective homework.

Neal (12:05:57 AM): jimmy kudo style
ErinZ (12:06:13 AM): shit yessssss
Neal (12:06:29 AM): hes hot for a litle cartoon boy
Neal (12:07:00 AM): its his deep thinking voice

thank you again neal, for being the number one cool person of the day

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

coconut cream pie on a rainy tuesday evening. a pleasant moment in the midst of finals madness.

happy hanukah to all you jew-daddies out there. i got a wicked awesome black leather jacket, which will come in handy whilst walking down the streets of LA, knocking people out with a powerful glance and/or my awesome knee-high boots.

today at school hanukah came up and i mentioned my family's impending celebration. a friend of mine, astonished, cried, "you're JEWISH!? no wonder you're so funny!!" for some reason that statement made me really happy. technically i'm fully jewish, but i was raised half jewish half catholic. is it bad that, because of that statement, i feel like being jewish by default is the coolest thing ever?
the queer eye for the straight guy christmas special was too adorable for my brain. gay men and children are a hilarious combo.

project runway is boring, at least when it's playing in the background and i'm not really paying any attention to it.

"world peace and a boyfriend, is that too much to ask?"

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

coconut cream pie tastes like a vague memory.
myspace is being a bastard so i'll just write something here.

had an unholy amazing weekend. went to los angeles with the ever-wonderful mr. blake and took a little journey over to jay and silent bob's secret stash. and who was working behind the counter of the shop? jason mewes (aka JAY) himself. we were like giddy nerds in happy geek land.

that night, i went to a club with my friend g and her daughter zoe, and we saw some big-time celebs like tom arnold and david spade. woO! rockstar and champaign is delightful.

i am so fucking lazy i don't even feel like writing in this journal lately. what's wrong with me? i was doing such a good job.

i need to get my hands on some more astronaut food. so far, the only places i know that sells the stuff is science museums. i just know that i need some, and fast. i polished off my last ration of freeze-dried cinnamon apples while taping the last episode of the venture bros.

homework, fatigue, insanity... what else is new.

Friday, December 03, 2004

things that need to be released on dvd: eek! the cat/incredible thunder lizards, animaniacs, pinky and the brain, freakazoid

basically anything that was on saturdays mornings when i was a kid.

i met the boy of my dreams last night. sadly, that's exactly what he was: a boy in a dream i had. i guess his name was ed, and he was really wicked cool. in the dream i remember saying that he "changed his look a lot" because i would see him all the time at the spectrum. this time i saw him and decided to say something to him. he was an amazing artist, dressed very funky, smelled good, and even asked if he could take me to dinner sometime. i was so thrilled it was ridiculous.

then i woke up.