Tuesday, November 30, 2004

haven't updated in a WEEK!!! and someone actually scolded me for it!!

here's the news, kids!!

1) THANKSGIVING IS STILL THE BEST HOLIDAY EVER. shut up if you disagree. i don't want to hear it.


posterization is so cool!


i don't care how much you hate the show or think it's for stupid babies who are also stupid. i've never laughed so hard in my life during any film. i saw it THREE TIMES and it was NOT THE SLIGHTEST BIT LESS FUNNY. the soundtrack is also deafeningly happy and will make you dance. speaking of dancing...

4) i got a new shirt.

i love how retardedly serious i look in this picture even though you can't see most of my face.

5) I HATE COLOR THEORY SO MUCH but this isn't really news to anyone.

6) i didn't sleep at all last night because every time i closed my eyes i saw paintbrushes with huge globs of paint on them (see previous number)

7) i love starbucks

8) it's fucking freezing out

9) i'm hungry and all i had today was coffee, wheat thins, half a burrito and some meat

now go see the spongebob movie.

Monday, November 22, 2004

insatiable hunger!!

i eat and i eat but i'm still hungry!!! yaarghhh!!!!!! more food!!

i had seriously better do some homework right now before i get into big trouble.

Saturday, November 20, 2004


britney spears may be going around getting married and acting like a retard, but i really like her gung-ho fuck you attitude about it all. way to go, britney!
i actually UPDATED the website, so check out some of the new stuff up on there, as well as some photographs of ME in the profile section. oddly enough, i just realized that there are no photos of me with glasses up. hrm.

so freaking tired and feeling ill. craving chocolate like never before. raging estrogen, anyone?

chuck jones/eric goldberg workshop/screening/demo this weekend. very exciting stuff when you're a nerd. i'm bummed my saturday workshop is over, though. but you can finally see some shitty photographs of my tonal studies up on my site! *plug plug plug*

TISM is a really funny, wonderful band.

hi hi puffy amiyumi not very good, but then again, i wasn't expecting it to be. i'm still going to watch it, though.

i would eat people alive right now to have the arrested development dvd. jeffrey tambor is the new love of my life. i just saw him last night in an ad for the t-mobile sidekick. i screamed. snoop dogg was in it too, asking all his celeb friends when to put fabric softener in his laundry. i'd hate to say it, but now because of that i really want a sidekick. charles has one and it's amazing. the swivel screen is reason enough to buy ten of them. besides, if i get one wayne newton might message me. now there's something to brag to your friends about.

this week was such a hurdle schoolwork-wise between color wheels and portfolio papers. i'm really stoked about thanksgiving next week, where i get three days off and i don't have to worry about much. maybe i'll even get some real artwork done, since i always realize how much art i don't produce that i WANT to produce whenever i update my website. god, some of these sentences make no sense whatsoever and i know they don't. sorry.

time to hop into the bed.

Friday, November 19, 2004

holy fucking shit, never ever make me write a paper about transcending human nature again.

worst paper i've ever written because i know for a fact that it doesn't make any sense and i'm afraid to turn it in tomorrow. is it even worth my time to try to get three hours of sleep? hell, i'll probably fall dead asleep in about five minutes anyway.

and also, what the fuck. people couldn't be more confusing or nonsensical if they put socks on their ears, walked on their hands, and spoke in pure pig latin. in fact, that would probably make MORE sense than anything else, which means it wouldn't happen. any sense? TIRED HERE, PEOPLE!!

here's this. say something about it if you want. i don't care either way.

blessed bed.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

check out this phone call i got thirty seconds ago:

me: hello?
guy: .... hey.
me: who is this?
guy: ... who is this?
me: this is erin. who are you?
guy: ...this is ricky.
me: um.
guy: are you busy?
me: yeah.
guy: are you sure?
me: i think you have the wrong number.
guy: ... oh. really?
me: yeah.
guy: well, let me just say something, erin... i really wish i could just fuck y--
me: *click*

jesus christ.
i'm actually DOING my perspective homework. what's up with that?

i don't know. i thought i had something to write about in here but apparently, i don't. i just want to go to bed already.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

sometimes you sit in front of your computer to do your daily routine of checking online comics and inanely browsing myspace profiles, but the machine just won't have it. it puts its dukes up, wipes its nose, and goes, "you wanna dance, fucker??" but then instead of dancing it just sort of dies, and i have to force-restart it.

hung out with the illustrious charles of game stop managing fame tonight. ate a crapload of food at the japanese market, squealed over all the incredibles merchandise in the disney store, bought a little boy's extra small incredibles t-shirt, got coffee, went to barnes and noble, looked at books of flowers that are supposed to suggest female genitalia, and listened to xm radio all inbetween. very very nice and enjoyable evening, which i still deserve after that god damn color wheel. in fact, i shouldn't have to do a bit of work for the rest of my life. jesus. those sweet pork bun things were damn tasty and i wish i had some now.

we saw something called "bbc tanning" and i wondered if that meant "british tan", which would probably mean that, instead of making you actually tan, it would make you paler. or potentially british. i could go with either or both, honestly.

i'm hungry again!! arrrghhh!! if i had homework i forgot what it was and i'm not going to do it anyway. i'm gonna sleep instead.

the bars are temples but the pearls ain't free...

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

arrested development is insanely funny. i actually created a blockbuster account just so i could rent the first volume of season 1. i can't pull away from it, which is saying a lot since it's live action and these days, i have wicked a.d.d. when it comes to watching anything that isn't animated.

i've consumed more caffeine in the past two weeks than i think i've ever had in my entire life. multiple red bulls and rock stars and crappy lattés from the machine in the snack room. i thought i was immune to caffeine, but i guess one way or another it keeps me going. plus it's all delicious.

color wheels are so shitty. SO SHITTY. thank god that project is over.

don't you love trying to figure out the stupid little mysteries in life? what's even more fun (and i'm actually being serious about this here) is convincing yourself that the obvious isn't the case at all; instead, there's an underlying scheme to everything that all traces back to how awesome you really are and some people just have no idea how to handle that. hell yes! that got my self esteem mojo working.

out of blue col-erase pencils?? art store, how could you betray me like this?!

i spent all evening watching arrested development, drawing, eating crappy food and generally relaxing. and you know what? i don't feel the slightest bit bad because i deserved it. now all i have to do is wake up early enough tomorrow morning to start and finish my homework that's due for class at one.

life is what is always has been: crazy, frustrating, confusing, and strangely wonderful.

"it walked across my pillow!"

Monday, November 15, 2004

give me one good reason why color theory is worth my time and i will send you a letter of gratitude and a crown that says "king of everything" right across its golden face.

i love neal because he comes over at night to hang out, brings me ice cream, and can't tell me what's wrong with my color wheel since he's colorblind. and then he listens to me ramble to the point where i'm half asleep. a day or two later, rinse and repeat.

this weekend would have been absolutely god awful if it weren't for you, neal. so thanks.

the only people who make my life worth anything anymore are my family, steve, neal, blake, mollie, mary (wherever she is), charles, tim (because he reads so avidly), and... i think that's it. oh, brad bird too. but that's it. everyone else i know can just burn in hell already. i don't care anymore.


i'm going to bed before i hurt myself.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

just got back from the most amazing car adventure ever.

neal and i were bored so we were like, "let's go to the park". then we were like, "let's get food". they we were like, "let's walk downtown and get coffee". then we were like, "let's go to a DIFFERENT park". then we were like, "hey, let's go down this road and see where it takes us".

so we went down the road. ended up in orange. kept driving. we reach norwalk. kept driving until... paramount? driving, driving... wait.... did that say COMPTON!?? yes, it's true. neal and i got lost in compton and i was scared for my life. we stopped at a hampton inn in carson to pee, saw vomit in a del taco parking lot, then eventually found our way back to the 405 only to get stuck in an outrageous traffic jam shortly after an accident. we didn't move for maybe a good half hour so neal got out of the car and danced right there on the freeway. then he improvised a song about life. truly the craziest nonsense ever, and i'm sure i'm missing many of the minor other things that happened.

lance did, indeed, paint with his feet.

i'm exhausted.


Saturday, November 13, 2004

i loooove the feeling of freshly shaved legs!! ahhh... smooth.

i'm not even going to pretend like the OC mix cds aren't absolutely fantastic and really well put-together. because they are and you should seek them out right now.

big fat lance-y painting demo tomorrow at school. i'm wicked excited, especially since it is rumored that lance sometimes paints with his feet. i'll surely have a thing or two to say about the experience later.

so much homework this weekend. what the hell?

incredibles viewing count: 3

Friday, November 12, 2004

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

last night, in a blinding flash of class and sophistication, steve and i sat in a dingy 24-hour mexican restaurant, sipping delicately on an extra-long straw leading into a styrofoam cup containing a club vodka martini from a can. we then drove around costa mesa while i yelled out everything that came into my line of vision. we talked more about life and it was just one of those nights where, even if things are sucky, you're just so goddamn thankful you have at least one friend who will support you no matter what.

ditched color theory today with the intention of sleeping, but that didn't happen. now i'm going to TRY to work more on the color wheel... emphasis on try.

tomorrow is my long school day. perspective, 3-d, and figure drawing. thirteen hours of artistic splendor.

more later, probably.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

for some reason i feel nauseous and really depressed. this sucks.
what to do, what to do?
we should all be thankful for the little things in life. like space heaters.
steve just left my house but he should've moved in given how long i was rambling to him about all sorts of things. but he is the good sort of friend and he listened to my ridiculous tales and over-thought opinions.

got my next semester schedule! woo! and it's awesome. i start class late three days a week. mmm... lazy bliss.

i hate calling people up and i especially hate leaving messages where i make myself sound like a grade A queen dumb ass. if whoever i'm calling doesn't call me back within five hours i start to think, "well, there we go. they think i'm a complete doofus now" the idea of whoever i'm calling actually being out of their house or enjoying a social life never crosses my mind. i go ahead and assume the worst. i love talking on the phone but i wish there was a way to call someone and then have the whole process reversed so they were calling me to begin with. or something. everyone, just call me from now on, damnit. i don't want to leave anymore messages that make me lose friends.

so... tired.

Monday, November 08, 2004

ErinZ (7:55:52 PM): i need to grow some balls
Mollie (7:56:27 PM): they sell bouncy balls for 25 cents at the grocery store
ErinZ (7:56:35 PM): i could strap them to my groin
Mollie (7:56:39 PM): all you'd need is some string or crazy glue
ErinZ (7:56:44 PM): lots of them
Mollie (7:57:07 PM): yes! you could be SUPER ERIN OF THE TRIPLE SAC!
ErinZ (7:57:25 PM): all i need to do is spend two dollars and i'll have more balls than anyone
ErinZ (7:57:32 PM): my god, i'd be unstoppable!
i am such a goddamned lazy ass.

i guess i'm not doing color theory homework because i am so not in the mood to mix paint right now. it's okay, nothing is actually due tomorrow anyway.

i sat around and ate chocolate all day. i've just had this horrendous sweet tooth tonight. i was eating chicken and all i could think about was orange sorbet.


i forgot to mention that as i was coming back from the bathroom while seeing the incredibles, i was running through a circular room where all the theater doors were and my foot hit the carpet the wrong way, causing me to plow my face right into the ground. there was a group of people there to see it, and they all laughed it me. i got up, laughed hysterically, and then ran back into the theater as fast as i could. now i have these god awful brush burns on my hands, knees, and stomach (i don't even know how that one happened).

it seems that i can't stop drawing myself ever. people open up my sketchbook and see thousands of little drawings of my head. then i feel retarded but not entirely so, because i am fun to draw and i'm not ashamed to admit it.

sorry if that's way huge.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

painting a color wheel for class tomorrow has taken second priority to dancing around my room like an idiot.

i had such a fantastic weekend it was unreal. i saw the incredibles twice, and i'm sure everyone already knows how i feel about that movie so i'm not even going to bother to write JESUS FUCKING CHRIST BEST MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. oop, i just did.

so yeah. best weekend ever in recent memory. spend lots of time with friends and just feeling great about everything. went to the grocery store at four in the morning with neal, then slept in until three in the afternoon today. i can't remember the last time i did anything like that. it was so great.

there is so much to be stoked about in life. i've never felt such inspiration flowing through me before, all derived from the people around me and my environment. god, it's wonderful.

expect my artwork to take a turn for the brad bird-esque over the next couple of weeks. his style is definitely something i want to incorporate more into my own, since i love it so.

i just realized how much i use the word "so". quite a bit, actually. that's so annoying.

"i'm still geeking out about it!"

Friday, November 05, 2004

holy fuckballs, the incredibles hits theaters TODAY.

have you ever been frustrated, confused, but excrutiatingly happy all at one time? that describes my emotions perfectly as of late. you may not know what to do about anything but, at the same time, it's all so wonderful.

i don't know if that makes any sense whatsoever.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

someone must've slipped me some sort of drug in something i ate or drank today. i'm in the mood to.... clean.
i hope that today everyone did their duty as an american citizen and voted their asses right off. lord knows i did. woo!

Monday, November 01, 2004

get ready for a big fat assload of pictures, and i don't care how long it takes for your computer to load them.

i was really hoping all the runs in my cheap little boy's pirate shirt wouldn't be so obvious in the pictures, but i was wrong.

mollie: wait, who else had a halloween birthday? please don't say you, because i would feel like such an ass for not knowing that. and seriously, just let the "big announcement" thing go. i had no idea what i was talking about. i drank half a bottle of alizé, for god's sake.
gwen stefani's new song has a really good beat, i love her voice, but the words are so god awful and it is a song that will have dated in about two weeks. however, there is one lyric that sticks in my mind like a drooly paste-covered toddler:

"take a chance, you stupid ho"

it was as if gwen stefani took me into a private room and lectured me after i was too scared to ask some hot guy i met in a bar for his number. those six words are so blatantly crude and yet so powerful. kudos to you, miss stefani! your song lyrics may be terrible but you've given me a new phrase to live by.