Saturday, August 21, 2004

AWWWWWW man the director's cut of donnie darko was awesome. everything that was missing from the original was added and everything that pissed me off about the original was taken out. yes yes yessss!! can't wait for it to come out on dvd...

i've been playing harvest moon on my gameboy advance for more hours than is probably healthy. i'm having trouble finding a wife, but who needs relationships when you have livestock!? they are...

dog: triumph
chickens: john tesh, hitler, gerald ford, john paul ii, pol pot
horse: doop
cow: howie d

did i already write that it was my birthday? lots of dvds were received. hoorah!!

i go back to work in the morning but i still need to hang some of the ten thousand posters i got from con, especially after i had to walk to office max for poster stickums.


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

sometimes bad things happen and you end up spending more than ninety-five percent of more than a week's worth of time in your house eating very little, drinking martinis, drawing tons of venture brothers fanart and tracking a fedex package that is due for delivery on friday every ten minutes to see if it has left chattanooga tennessee yet.

i haven't written in a really long time and so much has happened. as usual, elaboration is too much effort so i give a crappy run-down of the basics.

new york was the most spectacular thing ever, but i think i might have already written that somewhere.

comic-con was, as always, the most incredible and exhausting experience a nerd can have. so many ridiculous things but all of it lovely.

adult swim continues to amaze everyone in the universe (especially me) with new shows. i am so obsessed with the venture brothers and i'm not even sure why. i guess i just can't get enough of the goofy villain-type stuff, a role deliciously played by the show's character "The Monarch" and his deep-voiced significant other, "Dr. Girlfriend".

hooray. i watch the trailer on over and over. it's fun!

i should update my website someday.