Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Candle Jack: WIP

This bastard is taking me about ten thousand years to finish, but seriously, look at it. It's gorgeous. Hooray. I think I'm going to sleep.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Don't Say His Name!

Sometimes I like to take a break from drawing what I should be drawing by drawing a drawing that I want to be drawing. And I've been wanting to draw this one for awhile!

So I did, here's the blue sketch. Hopefully I can set some time aside to color this puppy because I think it'll look really cool finished up. Just don't say his name. But if you do, try to show him the drawing and let me know what he thinks of it.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Back When I Was A Genius: Part I

Here is something I am going to start that I can only hope will turn into an ongoing installment of historical findings from my past. Turns out my grandmother and mother have oodles of scribbles and writings from the days of my youth. When I mean youth, I mean things I created when I was around 2-4. My Mum procured a stack of said creations and showed me, and I felt the immediate need to share them with the world. Ladies and Gentlemen, for your consideration, I give you...

Okay, starts out simple enough. I was a kid who liked to draw dinosaurs and Christmas trees on any tablet of paper I could find. But then, things start to get a bit cryptic.

"You are good. You are nice. For you will cook delicious rice. Ricebowl, Erin"

Now this is definite proof that from an early age, I found myself attracted to people who would give me food. To this day it is not uncommon for me to shower someone with poetry and flattering remarks to get them to provide me with sustenance. What can I say? I'm a whore. Also, I like how my earliest cursive is pretty much identical to how my cursive looks now.

The Head: I'm the head today.
The Not Head: When's my turn? You always get to be the head.

This is where these things start to get a little weird. I'm sure my parents were a little disturbed that their sweet daughter was conjuring images of, well... whatever the hell that is. But that would be nothing compared to...


Jesus. Now even this send a chill up my spine. On one hand it's funny, on the other hand, really eerie. There is a huge part of me that wonders where these images came from in my impressionable little mind, and then there is another part of me that goes, "I wonder why I'm not that creative anymore".

That's all for now. Hopefully more will be on the way. In the meantime, it's Christmas time at Disneyland and that makes me happier than you could imagine.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


The only place where your neighborhood ice cream truck comes rolling down the block in the middle of November.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Oh, wow.

So how is it that I never noticed that there is a little button that allows me to post a thumbnail of an image and then you can click it and it opens in a new window for your viewing pleasure?


Well, since this is an exciting discovery for me, here comes some art!

This actually happened.

So did this.

And that's all I have for right now, sorry. Haven't had much time to work on personal art, but I can tell you that I'm making a piece of fan art that is going to be quite nice when it's done.