Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Oh, blog! Hello! I'm sorry I've been neglecting you so much lately, I'll try to post more often. I promise.

Weeow! You know what's cool? Nike+ iPod kit thingy. I got it, it rules and now I'm managing to go for these 4.5 mile power walks all the time. If someone out there in cyberland has one, I totally want to challenge you to a race! Let's do it, baby!

I had the most British day of my life last Tuesday! It was drizzling and I ate some fish and chips and then got in my Mini and then it was British Invasion night on American Idol. Awesome? You bet your argyle socks it was.

I'm still stupid busy with so much crap but God, it's fun.

Time to sleep, work in the morning, I think it's supposed to rain, too. Life is good.

Monday, March 05, 2007


• Happy Feet winning best animated picture: There is a God, and he loves me dearly.

• Alan Arkin winning best supporting actor: Yes.

• British comedy "The Mighty Boosh": successfully makes me wish I was British even more, and I didn't know that was possible. Also, I need to find British people and make friends with them.

• Dreamworks Studios: Bitchin'. It looks Steven Spielberg made love to a magic forest and had a gigantic studio for a baby.

• All the original Nicktoons creators: Officially insane. Jim Jinkins continues to make children's shows geared for the mentally ill sector of the mentally handicapped. Klasky Csupo has stooped to a surprising new low by being involved with "Milch" (the worst thing I've ever seen), and, well... John K. was always insane, so that's nothing new.

• She She She's A Bombshell: Wonderful.

• Sean McBride's Tony Cartoons: Joy.

• Planet Unicorn: Hilarious. I don't care what you say. Heyyy.

• The George Washington Video: Can't get it out of my head. Can't look at a dollar without laughing.

• Chowder: Cartoon Network's next show that is going to rock my face into another dimension. Created by C. H. Greenblatt, one of many personal heroes. I think I saw him in Burbank once, and I was a little tipsy and I screamed. So hooray for that.

• Exhaustion: In abudance.

• Veronica Corningstone: Who I want to be.

• Beer: You're killing me.

• Disneyland: You and your beer are killing me.

• Apologies: To Disneyland. You know I love you, baby.

• Rockin' Space Mountain: ROCKS.

• Obvious: I'm running out of things to write, though I know there's so much more I want to discuss.

• Apologies Again: To anyone and everyone who has called me, tried to hang out with me, or get anything from me in the past month. I've been stupid busy. Thank you for understanding.