Tuesday, March 23, 2004


today i was accepted into the Laguna College of Art and Design. there's no hope for me now.


generous monetary donations appreciated
it has come to my attention that spike and mike's sick and twisted animation festival is one of the single worst atrocities ever visited upon the animation industry and mankind. it is quite literally shameful to the art form i have basically dedicated my life to. save three or four films, the show was filled with nothing but tasteless and pointless shorts. some dragged on for so long and were so horrible that i actually zoned out and got very bored, which almost never happens to me while watching anything animated. other shorts were honest to god drawings by stoners who would simply paste a frame of an open mouth over the closed mouth on the character, which was still visible on the corners of the open mouth. the people who put this show together obviously had no regard to the quality of picture or substance of the films. as for the shorts that were actually good (john dilworth's mousochist, stubble trouble, whatever that death one was called, and of course don hertzfeldt's billy's balloon), being played next to such terrible films is embarrassing due to the sheer contrast. and happy tree friends... i love it, but that needs to stay on the internet. flash will never be able to give the same whimsical feel that hand-drawn animation gives. ever.

that having been said... if you live in the laguna beach/socal area, go see the animation show in the downtown Laguna theater. coming in several weeks. support some stuff that is actually good.

"the animation show: it's better than spike and mike's, i promise"

Sunday, March 21, 2004

is it dumb that, after i flush some dead ants down the toilet, i am afraid that they might come back to life and bite my ass while i'm peeing?
not writing passion of the christ review like i should be doing. need to take car in for servicing, but need to clean car out first. car so dirty. sand and peanut cookie crumbs everywhere. so, so dirty.

had another bonfire this weekend and the mormon was more volatile with the flames this time. we lit a shoe on fire and he ran down the beach with it. napthaline can almost exploded. only food was marshmallows and that just wasn't very nice. then we went to someone's house and sat in the street while a dog stared at me.

my hair needs to be cut before it eats my face off.

the other day i saw a man who was a construction worker with an orange hat. but upon a closer look, i discovered the hat wasn't a regular construction hat at all, but a FINDING NEMO hat. with little fins and clownfish stripes on it. i also saw a lady wearing a hat with these huge red spikes all over it and it trailed down her back. it looked like she slaughtered somethin' fierce to have the flesh of the beast fashioned into a hat for her to sport like some prize trophy. i almost crashed my car because she looked so cool.

high kicks

many people cannot spell correctly and this annoys me. a whole lot. like, more than you can imagine. but i'm trying to tone myself down a bit and stop judging people so much on their grammatical ability. but... it is very difficult. arrrgh. happy man updated my ipod software for me today because i am too lazy to do it myself. i need new shoes too. i need so many things. what's with all the need i do?

kick kick kick


Tuesday, March 16, 2004

very foggy outside. drove home from dinner with a friend and admired the street lights shining from behind the trees, creating a lovely sunray effect.

submitted my final portfolio to laguna college today. although i'm pretty sure i'm already in, there is that little naggy nugget of doubt saying that there is a chance the committee will look at my stuff, wrinkle their noses, and go "meh", and then move on to the next thing. i really don't want that to happen. i'm supposed to hear from them tomorrow to find out if i've been accepted or not...

i don't know what it is about humanity but for the past three weeks i've learned just how many people around me are very close to illiterate. nothing against those people, but... sometimes it amazes me.

also another thing i've learned is that people, as a whole, are very odd and i cannot understand them. they also leak fluids at times, which can be utterly unpleasant as well

need to write a review for passion of the christ. need to draw three cartoons for journalism. need to finish community service mexican flash cards. need to have recommendation letters filled out. need to finish art piece in class. need to do econ homework. need to write poems for english. need to take notes on whales for marine ecology. need to work all weekend. need to draw personal things brewing in my mind. need to buy a new sketch book. need to fix up my current one before it completely falls apart. need to schedule a haircut. need to start working out more. need to stop eating crap (not literally).

there is too much to do.