Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wall E

This movie is utterly amazing. Fuck it, I say it every year, but this is Pixar's best. Seriously. They can't possibly top what they just did and it's fine because their best is pretty much the closest thing I have to prove there is a God.


No, really, it's brilliant. I can't describe it very well but I just read this review which I think sums up how I feel:

This movie is poignant yet subtle, terrifying but beautiful, and one of the most heartfelt and romantic films I've ever seen. Sure, okay, but let's remember, NONE OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS HAVE FACES. PIXAR YOU MAKE MY LIFE WONDERFUL.

Speaking of wonderful god damn it is a good time to be a nerd right now. HOW GOOD IS VENTURE BROS, FOR SERIOUS.


I am really excited too about the movie "Choke" based off Chuck Palahniuk's book, which I just read. I think I get why Adam is so goofy for this guy, his writing is great. The movie looks great. Read the damn book!

And sweet jesus the new Coldplay. You know, I'll admit that I didn't like X&Y. The point is I listened to their first album, went, "Hey, I want more of this" and I got more with their second album. But with their third... I was really disappointed. I thought, "Welp, this is it. They did their thing but it's the same old shit and it's old and I'm over it. They had a good run my god these songs are boring". I blame Gwenyth Paltrow.

But then Coldplay just up and made like, a really fantastic album. They actually decided to have some goddamned fun with their work and the result is stupendous. So yay for that, Viva La Vida, I love every single song on this record. It is lovely and creepy and awesome. And the best part is...


Sorry two people out there who are reading this but I just got off the phone with Brandon and we pretty much had the nerdiest animation geek discussion where I think we literally voiced out opinions on everything that's been happening in animation in the past ten years and the next five years so I'm a little hyped up WHOA breathe.

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