Monday, July 23, 2007

Holy Hell: ART!

I just had a chance to scan a bunch of work I've done lately (though none colored as of yet... stay tuned) and now I'm going to share it with you and you, and... okay, you over there too.

This first set of wrinkly drawings I did while bored at work. You can still see the menu printed on the backside of the paper.

From this ridiculous comic that I'm working on with Adam. It started out as an inside joke and now it's this... thing. Anyway, long story short, Adam's tattoo summons up a giant bird-dragon named Wilbur Curtis.
Some big-eared pig thing? I dunno.
Two more characters from the comic; Floyd (left) and Buttons (right).
Wilbur Curtis.
Character design for a seeeecret project I've been developing.


More elf action, because you know how much I like that sort of thing.

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Adam B Siegrist said...

Seriously how funny was it watching floyd trip out in the forest this morning, he must have had some bad 'shrooms