Tuesday, July 17, 2007


iPhone changed my life. This is literally the coolest device anybody could ever hope for, and don't even get me started on the effect it has on you if you're any sort of a nerd. If you haven't seen one in person yet you will die when you see what it does. Screw what everyone says about battery life. Screw waiting until the next generation. This thing is worth every penny because I find so many occasions every day in which it is just extremely useful. My favorite example so far: I went to a wedding this past weekend in San Diego. I get into a cab to go to the restaurant where the wedding is being held, but the cabbie has no idea where it is. I whip out my iPhone and get directions right there in the back of the cab. I know, you don't even have to tell me how amazing it was because I was there.

Ratatouille: Please sir, I want some more. I've seen this movie three times and I need to see it again and again.

Transformers: Shut all your goddamn mouths, it was great.

Side note: Can we stop it already with laws on nudity? I overheard some news tonight about some town where if someone sees you naked in your bedroom window after you just got out of the shower you can be arrested. Honestly, America, it's time to stop putting these ridiculous laws that makes everyone think they need to be ashamed and terrified of their own bodies. I really don't understand the people who think these laws are a good idea to begin with. Do they just weep out of disgust every time they need to step into the shower? And come on, let's be honest with ourselves. Everyone loves being naked. Don't try to tell me you don't.

Note to self: Erin, you can't spend any money at Comic Con this year, mainly because you don't have any money.

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James said...

Right now.

Under all these clothes...

I'm naked.

That's right. Go ahead, arrest me America. They're naked in prison, too. It's just more dangerous.